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Fully Audited CasinoFi Platform Insanity Bets Turning Casino Gamers Into the House For Passive Income

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

The fully audited CasinoFi platform Insanity Bets is turning casino gamers into the house by offering multiple avenues to earn a passive income on the platform.

Gamers can earn a passive income by owning the $IBET token, which provides a revenue share from trading fees, or investing in the $ILP index, allowing holders to receive 90% of the wins and losses from players’ bets.

Furthermore, Insanity Bets incorporates token burning, has a developer plug-and-play interface, and is fully audited by the top security firms in the industry.

Its presale went live this week, providing the perfect entry opportunity as an early adopter.

Fully Audited Insanity Bets Turns Casino Gamers Into the House

Insanity Bets is giving CasinoFi a new meaning by allowing its players to become the house and earn a real yield through the platform’s revenues.

Described as the pinnacle of decentralized casino gaming, Insanity Bets is a non-custodial decentralized crypto-based casino platform where gamification is central to its operations.

The newly launched casino intends to compete with industry giants by offering a professional-grade gaming experience and generating revenue for token holders.

SOLIDproof and Cyberscope, two of the sector’s most recognizable security firms, have fully audited the casino.

The platform also provides proof of fairness as all games utilize the Chainlink VFR RNG.

$ILP: Become the House Through the Liquidity Pool

Insanity Bets offers all its players the opportunity to become the house by minting $ILP using $USDT to receive 90% of all the wins and losses from player bets on the platform.

$ILP is an index fund and a liquidity pool that serves as the house funds for platform winners and losers. The tokens in the index are $USDT, $ETH, $WBTC, and $IBET. Users can cash out of the liquidity pool at any time by burning the $ILP and receiving its underlying tokens.

It provides the opportunity to earn a passive income for those willing to take the risk and become part of the casino ownership through the liquidity pool.

With a provably fair house edge that ranges from 1% to 5% on its games, the house cannot lose over the long term, which is why the casino industry is a huge business.

Can $IBET See Consistent Value Appreciation Through Revenue Sharing and Token Burning?

In addition to $ILP, gamers can earn a passive income through $IBET, the platform’s native token.

Users can buy and stake their $IBET to start earning a yield from fees generated on the casino platform.

Those who stake $IBET receive Staked $IBET ($sIBET) and 35% of the protocol fees in its revenue-sharing model. Furthermore, with the long-term staking multiplier points, the APR can be increased by up to 100%.

There’s also an option to burn $IBET to receive $bIBET, allowing holders to earn enhanced revenue as they receive 50% of the protocol fees.

With $IBET providing a passive income, there’s a strong incentive to hold it over long periods. At the same time, if $IBET becomes deflationary through its burning protocol, it has the potential to provide consistent value appreciation over time.

$IBET Presale Now Started, and Investors are Flocking to Become Early Buyers

Investors are hurrying to become early adopters of the $IBET token through its presale.

$IBET has a total supply of 5 billion tokens, half of which are being sold in the presale.

Of the remaining supply, 10% will be $esIBET – an escrowed version of $IBET with compounded rewards – 5% for exchange listings, 5% for airdrop rewards, and 30% for the team allocation.

The team allocation has a cliff vesting schedule for 80 weeks, demonstrating its long-term commitment to ensure Insanity Bets becomes a huge success.

The token can currently be purchased for $0.0015 in the second stage of the presale.

However, its rising pricing strategy means the token cost will increase during subsequent presale stages. For example, the cost will increase to $0.002 in the third stage and continue rising through the remaining stages.

With a listing price of $0.018, everybody in the presale stands to leave the fundraising with unprecedented unrealized returns.

Overall, Insanity Bets is elevating the CasinoFi industry by turning gamers into the house, and its $IBET token is set to become a revenue-sharing powerhouse in the sector.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.