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From Zero to Five: CoinEx’s Self-Improvement

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

The evolution of crypto shows us that crypto exchanges, the first stop of most crypto users, play an essential role, as they have attracted massive funds and users for the industry. Meanwhile, the performance of these exchanges in terms of user service also, more or less, explains user loss in the space. 

As a crypto exchange that puts users first, CoinEx will soon celebrate its fifth anniversary. Over the past five years, the exchange has identified many promising projects and kept pushing for crypto progress. Meanwhile, we have remained committed to fine user experiences and continued to improve our products and services. While attracting users to the space, CoinEx has also retained more crypto investors through first-rate user services and finished its five-year crypto journey together with millions of users around the world.

Dedicated to user experiences, CoinEx has explored crypto trends, improved products, and upgraded services, which allowed it to achieve self-improvement during its leapfrog from 0 to 5. From 2017 to 2022, CoinEx’s focus for self-improvement at each stage differs but also shares one common priority: the exchange has always put users first.


2017 saw the explosive growth of the crypto market. Throughout the year, the BTC price surged and recorded an annual growth rate of 1,700%, attracting the attention of a growing number of investors worldwide.

The crypto boom also motivated veteran entrepreneurs to venture into crypto and create new businesses. Back then, Haipo Yang, the founder of ViaBTC Pool, witnessed the unrefined growth of crypto exchanges and noticed restraints on their growth. To provide easier and more user-friendly crypto trading services, he decided to foray into the category of crypto exchange.

At stage 0, CoinEx observed the development of the industry, studied user demands, and optimized products. We gathered momentum and planned to unlock our potential at stage 1.


Banked by the ViaBTC team, a blockchain veteran, CoinEx was born in December 2017. Meanwhile, CoinEx founder Haipo Yang investigated the real demands of crypto users and captured the right timing. During CoinEx’s first year, everything went well, and the exchange gained itself a foothold in the market through prompt actions.

In January 2018, CoinEx launched CET, the exchange’s platform-based token, to help users benefit from more flexible and diversified trading scenarios. CET gained the crypto spotlight soon after its launch and recorded steady price growth.

At stage 1, CoinEx worked to build a user-friendly exchange by offering satisfying services that set it apart from peers, which allowed it to expand its scale and grab a larger market share.


No adventure remains smooth, and CoinEx faced challenges and setbacks during its second year in the crypto world. As the exchange struggled with sluggish market conditions and unfavorable policies, CoinEx started to reflect on itself and make new adjustments. Against all odds, we evolved into one of the crypto exchanges with the most extensive product range around the world in 2019.

At stage 2, CoinEx remained committed to its original motivations and never gave up. We were fully aware that the exchange could only sail across the challenges ahead by honoring our commitments and seeking progress through constant self-reflection during tough times.


During the third year of our crypto voyage, CoinEx, along with crypto users around the world, suffered the major impact brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, many crypto users lost their jobs and faced challenges in life. To help them get back on their feet, CoinEx launched the Global Ambassador Program in March that year, which created jobs for many crypto users worldwide. By doing so, CoinEx contributed its due share to the industry.

At stage 3, CoinEx overcame challenges together with its users and the industry. During tough days, we chose to join hands with users and remain committed to crypto, instead of focusing on our own survival. 


In March 2021, CoinEx’s global expansion strategy kicked off, and we forayed into 15 language zones to deliver premium services to users in different markets. In June 2021, the mainnet of CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) went live, enabling users to build their own DApps effortlessly.

At stage 4, CoinEx expanded its perspective and accelerated the building of its global presence through comprehensive deployments to provide all-encompassing ecosystem services for more users worldwide.


In 2022, CoinEx upgraded its brand slogan to “Making Crypto Trading Easier”. Aiming to eliminate all financial restraints, CoinEx plans to help users from everywhere around the world to easily trade crypto as their gateway to the crypto world.

This year, CoinEx focused on improving products and services and achieved breakthroughs in token listing, user services, and market share. In our fifth year, we optimized products including futures, fiat, and financial services, with an emphasis on market intelligence and language support, to offer easy-to-use and user-friendly crypto trading processes.

At stage 5, CoinEx has worked to eliminate industry barriers and traditional boundaries. By offering easy-to-use products and demand-specific services, we have helped more users around the world embark on their own crypto adventure.

From 0 to 5, CoinEx has kept improving. Although the past five years have been a long journey, a more epic adventure awaits us in the future. Going forward, CoinEx will continue to strive for self-improvement and brave new winds and waves together with all its users.