From the United States to Spain, the Special Magic of AppleB Declaration in the Folk Penetration

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Recently, after several weeks of silence, the market has revived. Bitcoin is full of momentum and seems to be going to touch new heights.

Even ShiB, Kishu and other newly minted meme coins have recently doubled their value, causing a shock in the market and bringing attention back to cryptocurrencies.

AppleB, which has always shown its public interest and people-friendly image, has also continued to expand its territory under the preaching of its “believers”. Since the Reddit community exposed the first video of “AppleB declaration” spontaneously recorded by fans earlier, many text versions translated by fans from various countries have appeared in the community. There are even videos of the “AppleB declaration” recorded in Spanish. According to this trend, videos in other languages seem to be available soon.

What magic does AppleB have that can make its community “believers” break through the barriers of different cultures and social backgrounds and pay so much attention to it?

In fact, if we carefully review the bit by bit information about AppleB since its launch, it is not difficult for us to find the mystery.

First, from the perspective of the concept and long-term vision initiated by AppleB, it has a widely accepted gene and foundation.

Through the life experience of the founders of AppleB, it is not difficult to find that its launch is more dependent on the dissatisfaction of the people at the bottom of the social elites controlling social wealth and the determination to reshape the structure of social wealth. It is precisely this gene of “saving the world and helping the poor” that has attracted the attention of most bottom people in the world and laid a mass foundation for the rapid expansion of AppleB.

Second, judging from the fields and practical actions that Apple B has been involved in since its launch, it has the qualifications to be trusted and loved by people.

Just ask, looking at today’s market, can we find a few projects like AppleB that are keen on public welfare and put all the proceeds and profits into charity? Hardly any. Let’s count it down: from unconditionally sponsoring Olympic athletes with financial difficulties to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, launching a charity advertising earning app to create a borderless income-generating platform for the poor, to launching fundraising to provide necessary assistance to Afghan refugees, and distributing apples to residents of many countries for free… All of them are welcomed by the local people and widely praised by society. It is this kindness that makes AppleB’s community strength accumulate and develop so rapidly.

Coupled with AppleB’s own coin circle attribute, people see the future development potential of AppleB community. Like Doge and ShiB, it will change from the initial quantitative change to qualitative change, and realize the leap of life wealth and social stratum one day in the future.

Therefore, it is not difficult to explain why AppleB, which has been in business for just a few months, will be supported by such a wide range of fans. Because of this, it is more people’s vision for a better life in the future and hope to change the trajectory of life, and AppleB only carries all these possibilities in its unique form.

Of course, the development of anything will never be achieved overnight. With the unique “magic” of AppleB, how will it develop in the future? It really fills us with imagination…

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