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From Fitness to Finance: Fight Out Is Poised to Revolutionize the Train-to-Earn Crypto Sector This Year – How to Buy Early?

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 1 min read

Introducing Fight Out, a groundbreaking platform poised to transform the train-to-earn (T2E) landscape by offering users a seamless and engaging approach to fitness exercises and routines that promote a healthier lifestyle. 

This cutting-edge project bridges the gap between the metaverse and real-world fitness, incentivizing users to participate and stay active with rewards.

$FGHT, the platform’s native token, has recently reached an impressive milestone, garnering $5.76 million in investments as the presale countdown continues, with less than nine days remaining before its exciting conclusion.

A New Era of Incentivized Fitness Routines 

Fitness is entwined with health and well-being, so any innovation that makes it easier to maintain high fitness levels holds out the prospect of enabling people to live longer and have a more fulfilling life. 

However, the traditional systems put in place to achieve this, such as gyms, cardio setups, and workout centers, are yet to attract members due to challenges in the form of costs. 

To get fit today, an individual would need to register on diverse physical platforms with no guaranteed results and a lack of motivation to stay committed to routines. 

The advent of Fight Out aims to change the prevailing narrative. 

The platform, deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, features train-to-earn (T2E) and play-to-earn (P2E) models to create a gamified community where members can achieve cost-effective fitness goals and earn financial success. 

The Fight Out ecosystem incorporates stellar unique utilities, making it one of the best gaming projects in 2023. 

One such is its fitness app, scheduled to launch in Q2 2023, as detailed in its whitepaper.

The innovative T2E project provides a robust application with technological capabilities, including in-gym sensors to track all metrics such as weight lifting, push-ups, press-ups, and many more. 

The app’s wearable technology is designed to improve cardio, strength, muscular endurance, and overall physical performance.

Fitness enthusiasts can easily establish their training plan without needing a third-party assistant. 

With Fight Out, individuals can adopt a holistic fitness and healthy lifestyle at no cost. 

As aforementioned, the pillar of the platform lies in its robust application set to harness the fitness industry and track physical performance. 

As players compete, exercise, and complete fitness tasks, they get rewarded with $REPS, the off-chain in-app currency. 

The token is also used to purchase in-app items and other services such as discounts on subscriptions, remote consultations with personal trainers, cosmetics for avatars, merchandise, and many more. 

The platform’s native token, $FGHT, is at the heart of the ecosystem, facilitating all transactions, staking, and government and being used to purchase $REPS and full subscriptions.

Partnership With Elite Athletes and Trainers to Boost Fitness Aspirations for All

To further push the adoption of Web3 technology in the fitness industry, Fight Out is now focused on integrating elite and popular fitness trainers and athletes to draw the pathways. 

Stars like Savannah Marshal of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition, Tailor Santos and Armada Ribas of the Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) sports, and elite trainer and influencer Tremayne Dortch are now ambassadors to the platform. 

An intended consequence of this elite inclusion is geared toward providing inspirational encouragement and training in the form of videos, in-workout activities, and other functional fitness regimes to promote general body conditioning. 

Buy $FGHT at a Discounted Price – Presale Ending in a Few Days

According to FightOut’s website, investors have less than 15 hours to purchase the token at the ongoing presale price of $0.03090.

Once the stated hours elapse, the price will increase one last time until it reaches a maximum price of $0.0333 when the presale ends on the 31st of March, 2023. 

FightOut has raised over $5.76 million in investment as of press time, indicating massive interest from global investors. 

The development team recently announced that early investors could earn up to a 67% revamp bonus for their previously purchased $FGHT tokens. 

Investors can also opt to participate in the ongoing 5% referral promo link scheme. 

To participate, they must share their referral link to social platforms, friends, and family and earn 5% of the amount purchased each time anyone invests in the $FGHT asset via their referral link. 

How To Purchase $FGHT Token

Ready to invest? We have created simplified steps to help investors follow. 

Set Up a Crypto Wallet

To start, investors must first set up a crypto wallet. Fight Out supports the MetaMask wallet for desktop and the Trust Wallet for mobile.

Purchase ETH or USDT

Once a preferred wallet is set up, investors must purchase Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT), as these are the digital currencies supported by the presale dashboard. 

These currencies can be purchased on most centralized and decentralized exchanges and then transferred to a crypto wallet.

Connect the Crypto Wallet

After funding the crypto wallet, the next 

Buy $FGHT Tokens 

An order page will appear on the screen when the wallet is successfully connected. 

Investors should choose whether to purchase $FGHtT tokens with ETH or USDT, enter the number of tokens to be bought, and proceed to confirm the transaction via the wallet provider. 

Claim Your $FGHT Tokens

Once the FGHT presale concludes, investors can claim their tokens directly through Fight Out’s website.

Buy FGHT on Presale

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