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Football Season is Back: What’s New with Sorare?

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Non-fungible token (NFT) platform Sorare has made it possible for crypto and football (soccer, for our American readers) to intersect, even if it seems like they don’t have all that much in common. But those who are fans of both can confirm that crypto volatility at its highest is only comparable to a penalty shootout in a competition finale — and we’ve had quite a few of those in the past season, just as we’ve had market-related excitement. So before the new season kicks off in many places across Europe — with Scandinavians as usual minding their own business and already in the middle of their own season — let’s take a look at what Sorare has prepared for this summer. 

Welcoming Kylian Mbappé 

Global football superstar Kylian Mbappé, who plays (and, as of this season, pretty much sets the rules) for Paris Saint-Germain, has joined Sorare as an investor and as an exclusive player ambassador, the first for the project. The young forward, who is widely considered one of the best and likely highest-paid players in the world, will have Sorare’s help with his Inspired by KM (IBKM) philanthropic venture, with the project providing training, conferences, equipment, and a special diploma for IBKM participants. As part of a promotion for the partnership, Sorare also gave out a Kylian Mbappé Limited card to three lucky winners. 

Kind of out of the loop (or only just getting into football)? What you should know about Mbappé is that he is the 23-year-old forward not just for PSG, but also for the France national team who joined PSG in 2018 for a whopping EUR 180m plus add-ons (USD 181m) as the second most expensive player in the world (with the first being his teammate Neymar, who joined a year earlier for EUR 222m, or USD 223.4m, from Spanish superclub Barcelona). At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, he finished as the joint second-highest goalscorer as his national team won the tournament, and the second youngest to score in a World Cup final — the first being the legendary Pelé. As all these names imply, Mbappé is certainly in good company — but this is also proven by his track record. 

At the end of the 2021/2022 season, he signed a 3-year contract extension with PSG that raised quite a few eyebrows, as this hadn’t really been seen before. Not only did he sign the most expensive contract in football history, worth EUR 435m (USD 437.8m), but this move, which kept him from transferring to Real Madrid, was considered to breach the rules of financial fair play within the football world. There were also reports (that he denied) that his new contract would give him the power to have the final say in who the coach will be or whether the club can be sold. Certainly, a partnership with Mbappé at this point could be considered the best choice for Sorare to make. 

Now Playing: MLS Rivalry Week 

For our American readers (but also those who like following the MLS, at least to see what previous global superstars are up to these days), the MLS Rivalry Week is on, starting July 9th and running through July 17th. Gareth Bale was expected to be making his debut for Los Angeles FC at the El Trafico game but didn’t, and neither did Giorgio Chiellini. This may have shown that the two new stars at LAFC may be wanted, but not necessarily needed, as the team beat their rival, LA Galaxy. 

Still, although that game may be over, the week is still going on with more games to be played. Tune in for Columbus vs Cincinnati or Atlanta vs Orlando on the 17th or Austin vs Houston on the 12th, with plenty of other games still to be played.

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