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FLOKI Breaks ATH, But Here’s One Meme Coin to Buy Instead

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Galaxy Fox

FLOKI price hit new all-time high above $0.00034 before consolidating around $0.00032.

This pump fueled by news of $12 million investment from DWL Labs.

Galaxy Fox (GFOX) emerging as potential low-cap meme coin alternative.

The FLOKI price skyrocketed to a new all-time high today, surpassing $0.00034 before consolidating to the current levels slightly below that. The coin pumped over 30% during this period. This pump was fueled by an announcement from the FLOKI team that DWL Labs will invest $12 million into the project.

This substantial investment underscores their interest in this hot meme coin. Let’s dig into details.

FLOKI Price Analysis

According to altFINS, the FLOKI price is in a strong uptrend. Following a bullish breakout from a descending channel, the price surged above the $0.000316 resistance level, which was its previous all-time high.

It broke through the $0.00031 resistance and continued its ascent, suggesting that buyers have absorbed all the supply from sellers at this level, and the price could resume its advance.

The next potential resistance levels based on Fibonacci extension levels are $0.00034 (50%), $0.00036 (61.80%), $0.00039 (78.60%), $0.00044 (100%), and $0.00056 (161.80%). Traders should set price alerts at these crucial levels to monitor potential resistance zones.


The pattern observed is a resistance breakout, which is a bullish signal. Once a price breaks above a resistance zone, it indicates that buyers have absorbed all the supply from sellers at that level, allowing the price to resume its upward trajectory.

The tweet from Overdose, a popular crypto trader with over 100k followers on X (formerly Twitter), expresses his excitement and vindication over FLOKI’s recent price surge to a new all-time high. He acknowledges the doubters who questioned his conviction in FLOKI, but their skepticism only strengthened his belief in the meme coin’s potential.

Overdose highlights several factors contributing to FLOKI’s bullish momentum. First, he mentions the $12 million investment from DWF, which is a substantial vote of confidence in the project. Additionally, he points to the all-time high reached by Binance Coin (BNB), suggesting a broader positive sentiment in the crypto market.

Finally, Overdose alludes to the “general meme sentiment” going crazy, implying that the hype around meme coins is gaining traction, potentially driving more interest and investment in projects like FLOKI. Overall, his tweet conveys a sense of triumph and excitement, hinting at the potential for further gains as the “real fun” is just beginning.

Galaxy Fox (GFOX) – A Hot Meme Coin to Consider

While FLOKI’s price action has been impressive, another meme coin worth considering is Galaxy Fox (GFOX). Launched in April on Uniswap and Dextools, GFOX currently has a market cap of around $500,000 after the team encountered some technical difficulties post-launch.

Despite the initial technical challenges, the GFOX community remains active, with over 15,000 members in their Telegram group. The team regularly interacts with the community, answering questions and providing updates. The GFOX price is actually up 12%, and is in the uptrend.

One positive aspect of GFOX is the upcoming release of the final 25% of tokens from the presale in June. This event is anticipated to be advantageous for the community, as all tokens from the presale will be correctly distributed.


Galaxy Fox features a web3 endless runner game where players can earn GFOX tokens based on their in-game performance. The top 20% of players each season will receive rewards that they can exchange for GFOX tokens, creating a compelling incentive structure that rewards the most skilled and engaged participants. The beta version of the runner game was released on May 12th.

The game incorporates NFT assets that players can purchase, providing temporary attribute boosts and adding a strategic element to the gaming experience. This creates a tangible avenue for potential financial rewards.

To further incentivize participation and foster a robust ecosystem, Galaxy Fox offers a staking feature with attractive rewards. For the first 30 days following the launch, stakers will receive a 20% APY on their staked GFOX tokens.

The GFOX token has a limited supply of 5 billion, contributing to its potential scarcity and value.


All in all, the FLOKI price has reached a new all-time high, driven by investment and growing meme coin sentiment.

Galaxy Fox (GFOX) presents an intriguing opportunity as a low-cap meme coin with promising features and an active community. Projects like GFOX offer value propositions (which is pretty rare in the meme coin sector), and potential for growth in the months ahead.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.