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Floki Announces Guerrilla Marketing Competition with $28,000 USDT Prize Pool

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com. 

Floki is known as “the people’s crypto,” in large part because of the community’s aggressive, guerrilla style, memetic marketing on social media sites such as Twitter. The over 400,000 self-styled “Floki Vikings” have established a reputation for swarming “raids” that keeps Floki top of mind on crypto Twitter so the hashtag #Floki trends with clockwork regularity.

Raid the Real World: Deadline May 1st, 2022

In order to further harness this uniquely viral creative energy, the Floki Team has announced a formal guerrilla marketing competition with a $28,000 USDT prize pool in which anyone can participate. 

This means Floki Vikings old and new will now “raid” the real world for a chance to win a prize pool of $28,000 USDT. To participate in this competition is simple and requires only a few steps: 

  1. Record a video of yourself doing a real world marketing activity for Floki.
  2. Share this video on Twitter with a description of what it is and where it happened.
  3. Use the hashtags #FlokiUltras and #Floki.

How Winners Will Be Chosen

The 10 most creative, viral, fun, and “flokish” entries will be shortlisted by the Floki Marketing Team for a vote by the Floki Vikings community to determine the order of winners.

The distribution of the prize pool is outlined here:

Floki Hires from the Community

The Floki Team is known for hiring talent from within the community, so this is an opportunity for aspiring marketers to show what they’ve got, make an impact and get noticed. They may even be hired for future marketing efforts, as Floki continues its goal to become a household crypto name in 2022 and beyond.

Learn more about “the people’s crypto” at floki.com and realflokiinu.medium.com.