07 Oct 2021 · 3 min read

Financial Freedom, That's What "STRONGHANDS BLOCKCHAIN" Brings in its DNA

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

Stronghands has launched over 5 years ago, as a fork of peercoin / Bitcoin core with stake features. With new purposes, it had its takeover in mid- 2017, headed by Michael Larry-Reed and his dev team at that time, and since then, other community partners, including Alex Freire, Valter Ribeiro and Thomas Orr Tucker (in memory), have worked on the constant development of this project, in order to build a complete ecosystem, which the main objective is to bring economic freedom, opening doors for the real decentralized economy, outside the old financial institutions.

The project has as its main goal to bring economic freedom to everyone. It manages decentralized, anonymous and censorship-free blockchain structures that offer a wide range of opportunities to profit, a crosschain infrastructure offers you: staking, mint, mining, earning from masternodes, yield farms, APR, liquid pools and so on.

“The expectation for StrongHands is that it will be among the top 100 coins at Coinmarketcap by 2025. StrongHands’s ecosystem is complex and robust, we seek to have a continuous growth, aiming to achieve all of our current goals: launch a decentralized non-custodial exchange, bring reliable income to the community holders, be one of the best investment option in the crypto market and to have a strong global community”

Valter Dias - CFO 

StrongHands Blockchain Infrastructure is currently running on:

  • SHND (StrongHands) - sha256 POW/POS (peercoin/bitcoin fork)
  • SHMN (StrongHands Masternode) - sha256D - (PIVX fork)
  • ISHND (StrongHands Finance) - Crosschain bridged Finance Token (BEP20/ERC20/TRC20)

SHND (stronghands)

SHND (peercoin/bitcoin fork) is the main blockchain, with stake features. It is based on POS (proof-of-stake). It is an energy-efficient blockchain, You can stake by running a full node wallet in your computer, or POW mining by participating in the mining Pools.

SHMN (stronghands Masternode)

Fork of PIVX, SHMN is a masternode blockchain. Masternodes are similar to stake, but offer an attractive ROI . You can achieve that by running a full node wallet in a VPS server holding 1000 units of a coin, and it will perform more complex tasks on the network, providing a net balance, rewarding your availability.

ISHND (stronghands finance)

This is a bridged Crosschain finance Token (currently deployed in the Binance Chain, Ethereum and TRON), offers you a gateway to the modern economy, through DAPPS (blockchain applications) multiplatform available. Through this technology, you have several investment opportunities: Lend you cryptos, mint, swap, liquidity pools , yield farms APR and it will be available in many non-custodial exchanges.

“StrongHands is the ONLY crypto community to offer all blockchain technology available. You have a sha256 coin algorithm if you like mining or stake, a masternode coin, and a 1:1 bridged crosschain finance token. We will launch a decentralized non-custodiam exchange and a NFT marketplace. That means an endless possibility to make money or even start your journey on the crypto economy. StrongHands is a blockchain to the people, to EVERYONE, and we will keep our efforts by investing and developing to stay on the cutting edge of the technology.” 

Alex Freire - CTO 

Community private sale started on September 17th with a promotional price, a 15% referral bonus + 10% bonus to the referred. We successfully achieved our stage goal with more than 4.000.000 ISHND sold. Private sale ends on Oct 15th. Crowdsale will start on October 15th and token distribution scheduled after the crowdsale stage (early november). Remaining coins from the private sale and crowdsale will be burned. 



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