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Feel Mining: Generate Benefits Every 5 Minutes

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

Feel Mining: Generate Benefits Every 5 Minutes 101

Liftoff imminent. Feel Mining unveils its new website with improvements and new services eagerly awaited by its users. Our editorial staff, solicited for the V2 tests, has been kept secret until today. And we have a few things to tell you.

You may know Feel Mining, the French company that offers cryptos investment solutions on masternodes, cloud mining along with hardwares sales or hosting. From now on, we will now be adding a new offer that users have been waiting for impatiently.

Staking offer coming up!

The missing string to the bow of the V1 was staking. Staking grants you the possibility to lend your cryptocurrencies to a dedicated wallet that will make them grow for you thanks to the proof of stake protocol.

Feel Mining: Generate Benefits Every 5 Minutes 102

Reminder: the proof-of-stake protocol (POS) delegates the validation of the blocks to the nodes that manage to prove that they have a certain amount of cryptocurrencies : this is called staking. The more money you block in your wallet, the more likely you are to validate new blocks (and pocket the reward that goes with it). Many POS networks therefore need your savings to make it grow!

There are currently five staking projects on Feel Mining ( including Tezos and Cosmos) and this figure is on the rise. Returns on investment that can vary from 5% to 15%. What if a desired project is not available on the website? A suggestion box has been integrated to collect our suggestions.

The Cloud Mining offer gets a facelift

We noted a new cloud mining offer in the V2. We can now mine at will on Bitcoin and Zcash while taking advantage of the best machines made available by Feel Mining on the cloud... All this through a monthly subscription with no commitment. This will allow us to take advantage of several offers during the most favorable contexts.

We welcome the fact that the interests are paid every 5 minutes, which gives us an overview of the portfolio in almost real time.

Finally, Chloé, CEO of Feel Mining, told us that it was important to be in tune with the current mood of the post-halving network:

"Our rates are not based on potential profitability but on the actual cost of production linked to the mining activity such as the purchase of equipment, the transfer to the operating site, the energy bill, maintenance...) Thus, our customers can always benefit from the best rates."

The Masternode offer closer to our expectations

In V2, profits are paid out every 5 minutes, compared to a daily basis in V1. It was also noted that tariffs have become more transparent, breaking down the total price into the price of the installation and the price of purchasing tokens, among other things. The returns on investment for the 12 available Masternodes projects range from 6% to 100%! Each Masternode project is accompanied by an explanatory sheet that allows us to understand the project in which we are investing.

Feel Mining: Generate Benefits Every 5 Minutes 103

It was also noted that the profits generated could be directly reinvested in other projects, one of the key user requests according to Chloé.

The new "Platinum" offer

The existing profiles in V1 have not changed. For example, gold status gives you the right to convert your earnings, while with platinum status you can convert your profits into euros.

For its most loyal customers, Feel Mining introduces a new Platinium offer at 14.90€/month which allows the reduction or even elimination of certain additional costs, to have a dedicated interlocutor on the phone or even to terminate a Masternode contract instantly when a 24 hour delay was necessary in V1.

And many, many new features...

What's striking about the V2 is the design and user experience. Infinitely more pleasant in the V2 than in the V1, we can see that customer feedback has been taken into account with great consideration.

The website is globally much more coherent. And not to be overlooked, the availability of the website in English and Spanish, the multi-currency, the possible conversion into some cryptocurrencies, a night theme to avoid damaging the eyes, and so on.

Feel Mining has metamorphosed from a perfectly honourable e-commerce site to a real platform that is pleasant to navigate, thought to be the hub for all curious and passionate about mining. It introduces new offers and improves old ones in transparency and quality.

Our conclusion

Feel Mining has become an essential platform for all those who are looking to make the most of their cryptocurrencies. Congratulations to the team! The Cryptonews editorial staff can only recommend that you take a turn and enter the code "CRYPTONEWS" to get a discount on your cart on every products inherited from the V1.

To celebrate the launch, Feel Mining announces one month free of service fees on all masternode and staking contracts taken out between July 1 and July 31, 2020.

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