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As reported on Monday this week, MicroStrategy is again in the news after it announced its latest purchase of another BT...]]>

As reported on Monday this week, MicroStrategy is again in the news after it announced its latest purchase of another BTC 5,050, which the CEO said was acquired at an average price of USD 48,099.

So far, MicroStrategy’s bitcoin purchases have totaled BTC 114,042, worth more than USD 5.47bn at current prices. And according to Bloomberg, MicroStrategy’s bitcoin holdings now even “dwarf the traditional corporate treasuries of most members of the S&P 500 Index.”

The coins held by MicroStrategy have been accumulated over a number of separate purchases, made in market conditions ranging from those in September last year when BTC was under USD 16,000, to purchases made around the peak of this year’s bull market at over USD 64,000.

BTC price in the past 12 months:


So, starting with the first purchase last year, let’s see what has happened.

(Price changes are measured from the date and time of the announcement per Michael Saylor’s tweets).

1. August 11, 2020

MicroStrategy announces that it has made a first purchase of BTC 21,454 for USD 250m and that it “adopts bitcoin as primary treasury reserve asset” for the company to hold. 

Despite being down on the day of the announcement, the bitcoin price rose by more than 8% over the six next days to a peak of about USD 12,300.

Change in 24 hours: -2%

2. September 15, 2020

The company announces that it has acquired an additional 16,796 bitcoin for a total amount of USD 175m.

This time, bitcoin traded up by about 3% on the day of the news, and continued to rise by another 3%-4% over the next five days before a temporary selloff occurred.

Change in 24 hours: +3%

3. December 4, 2020

MicroStrategy announces the purchase of BTC 2,574, bought for an aggregated amount of USD 50m. 

Following the announcement, BTC saw mixed price action over the next week. However, the announcement came after a rally that had already taken the price of bitcoin up 82% since the company’s previous purchase.

Change in 24 hours: +1%

4. December 21, 2020

MicroStrategy said it has purchased another BTC 29,646 for a total amount of USD 650m.

The bitcoin price saw an immediate spike higher following this purchase announcement, which was also followed by steadily rising prices over the next few days. The announcement marked MicroStrategy’s largest purchase to date in terms of the amount bitcoin acquired.

Change in 24 hours: +5%

5. January 22, 2021

The company announced the purchase of BTC 314 for USD 10m.

Bitcoin traded up by about 4% in the eight hours following the announcement, but went into a selloff later in the day that ultimately brought the price lower than it was before the announcement.

Change in 24 hours: -1.4%

6. February 2, 2021

The company announces it has purchased BTC 295 for a total of USD 10m.

This time, bitcoin was more or less unchanged for the first five hours after the announcement. After that, however, the coin entered a bull-run that over the next few weeks brought it to its all-time high of over USD 64,000.

Change in 24 hours: +5%

7. February 24, 2021

MicroStrategy announced the purchase of another BTC 19,452 BTC for USD 1.026bn.

This announcement marked MicroStrategy’s biggest purchase announcement to date in US dollar terms, with over a billion dollars worth of bitcoin acquired. Despite this, bitcoin’s initial reaction after the tweet was published was to trade lower, before a slight recovery started over the next few hours. Over the next few days, the price also traded largely lower, after having recently dipped below the USD 50k mark.

Change in 24 hours: +1%

8. March 1, 2021

MicroStrategy says it has bought another BTC 328 for a total of USD 15m.

On this day, bitcoin traded higher both over the short- and long-term after the announcement, sending it north of USD 60,000 within 10 days of the announcement.

Change in 24 hours: +2%

9. March 5, 2021

MicroStrategy announced the purchase of BTC 205 for USD 10m.

The day marked the beginning of a week-long bull-run for bitcoin, with the price moving higher for seven consecutive days. In total for the week, the price moved up by nearly 27% to over USD 61,000. 

Change in 24 hours: -0.7%

10. March 12, 2021

MicroStrategy announces that 262 more bitcoins have been purchased for USD 15m.

Bitcoin traded higher both in the hours immediately following the announcement, as well as on the next day.

Change in 24 hours: +6%

11. April 5, 2021

The company says it has acquired BTC 253 for USD 15m.

Following this announcement, bitcoin traded down briefly, before ultimately moving higher to its all-time high of over USD 64,000 within nine days. 

Change in 24 hours: +1%

12. May 13, 2021

The company announced the purchase of BTC 271 for USD 15m.

Despite a brief move higher, bitcoin was at this point already breaking down from its uptrend leading up to April’s all-time high. Saylor was still buying the dip, while bitcoin ended up falling by more than 25% over the next six days.

Change in 24 hours: +1%

13. May 18, 2021

The company said it has bought BTC 229 for USD 10m.

Still in the middle of its May selloff, this relatively small MicroStrategy’s bitcoin purchase was not enough to change the direction of the market, which was moving down sharply.

Change in 24 hours: -24%

14. June 21, 2021

MicroStrategy on this day said it has bought BTC 13,005 for USD 489m.

This announcement from Michael Saylor came as bitcoin had already traded lower for several days. And although the immediate reaction was a further selloff, the price levels here were close to bitcoin’s bottom so far in 2021 of around USD 30,000.

Change in 24 hours: -8%

15. August 24, 2021

The company announced that it had purchased BTC 3,907 for a total of USD 177m during the period from July 1 to August 23 this year.

The bitcoin market moved largely lower over the next few hours and days until the end of the month.

Change in 24 hours: -3%

16. September 13, 2021

The company said that it purchased 5,050 additional BTC for USD 243m.

Coinciding with the widely reported Walmart fake news report, the bitcoin price moved up sharply within a few hours of Saylor’s announcement before it again saw an even bigger crash. However, the market was still up by nearly 7% within two days of the announcement.

Change in 24 hours: +4%


Based on what we have seen above, it seems clear that trading purely based on Michael Saylor’s bitcoin purchase announcements is a futile strategy.

In reality, it’s extremely difficult to say exactly what is driving a large and volatile market like bitcoin over the short term, even if we look at the hours immediately following major announcements like those from MicroStrategy.

Over the long-term, however, there’s no doubt that MicroStrategy is contributing to the success of bitcoin, and that it has taken a massive amount of coins off the market. As a result, there are even fewer coins around for the rest of us to chase after.

Michael Saylor and his company appears to be very strong holders. But given that MicroStrategy still has not been through a drawdown in price like the one we saw during the 2018 bear market, only time will tell just how strong of a holder Michael Saylor really is.

In June, the company itself discussed two scenarios when they might sell some of their BTC:

They may sell bitcoin in future periods as needed to generate cash for treasury management and other general corporate purposes.Also, if their business is not able to continue to generate cash flow from operations in the future sufficient to service their debt and make necessary capital expenditures, they may be required to "adopt one or more alternatives, such as selling bitcoin or other assets" among other alternatives.

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<![CDATA[USD 230M Avalanche, Binance Centralization, Influential Vitalik + More News]]> AVAX tokens, according to Bloomberg. Other participants in the token sale included R/Crypto Fund, Dragonfly, CMS Holdings, Collab+Curre...]]> AVAX tokens, according to Bloomberg. Other participants in the token sale included R/Crypto Fund, Dragonfly, CMS Holdings, Collab+Currency, Lvna Capital, and a group of angel investors and family offices, the report added.The Swiss crypto exchange-traded product (ETP) issuer 21Shares has chosen the crypto asset index provider Vinter to provide DeFi-focused indices for both its new and existing range of crypto ETPs, according to an emailed press release. “21Shares and Vinter are planning to offer a full suite of indices for the ETP market, more details of which will be available soon,” they said.Anthony Scaramucci’s investment fund SkyBridge Capital has filed for a crypto exchange-traded fund (ETF) dubbed the First Trust SkyBridge Crypto Industry and Digital Economy ETF, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The new filing follows a filing from May for a bitcoin ETF from the same firm.Floating Point Group, a crypto trading software firm, said it has raised USD 10m in a Series A funding round with participation from Tribe Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Anthony Scaramucci, F A S T by Gettlylab, Borderless Capital, CapitalX, Formulate Ventures, and executives from GoldenTree Asset Management, HC Tech, Pythagorus Investments. The company said it plans to use the funds to grow its US software engineering staff to meet “surging investor demand.”Asset management firm Franklin Templeton seeks to raise USD 20m for what is believed to be the company’s first blockchain-focused venture capital fund, details from a recent SEC filing shows. Meanwhile, the firm also appears to be hiring engineers for a “Tokenized Asset Development Department.” Franklin Templeton is a major US-based asset manager with USD 1.5trn in assets under management.Exchanges newsBinance will abandon its concept of having a “decentralized headquarters,” according to a video interview CEO Changpeng Zhao did with the South China Morning Post. In the interview, Zhao said that “we have come to realize that for the regulators, we need to be centralized.”Coinbase has applied to become a member of the industry self-regulatory organization the National Futures Association (NFA) and register as a futures commission merchant (FCM), according to a tweet from the exchange. “This is the next step to broaden our offerings and offer futures and derivatives trading on our platforms,” Coinbase said.Community newsEthereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin has made it to Time Magazine’s list of the “Most Influential” people of the year 2021. “What makes Vitalik so special, though, is that he is a builder’s builder,” Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian wrote about Buterin for Time.Gaming newsStablecoin marketplace protocol HaloDAO has said it is teaming up with blockchain gaming platform Yield Guild Games (YGG) to support simpler cashouts for the YGG community in local regions with its updated V1 stablecoin optimized AMM (automatic market maker) on Ethereum and Polygon (MATIC). Singapore, the Philippines, and “other high growth regions” will be the main focus going forward, a press release from HaloDAO said.The global esports brand Fnatic has entered into a partnership with, an announcement from said. The 5-year partnership is worth more than USD 15m, and will open up cryptocurrency payment options for Fnatic users, as well as see the launch of digital products such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the announcement said.Career newsSatoshiLabs Group, the holding company behind the Trezor hardware wallet, said it expanded its top management team with the internal hire of Chief Product Officer Matěj Žák - formerly the company’s Head of Product. This role partially takes over from Marek “Slush” Palatinus, the current CEO and co-founder of the company, they added.Legal news24-year-old Australian national Stefan He Qin has been sentenced to seven years in prison in the United States for draining a “cryptocurrency fund” he operated for clients’ money and spending it on personal luxuries and unauthorized investments, an announcement from the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York said. In February of 2018, Qin appeared on CNBC where he elaborated on his fund’s strategies.]]> Thu, 16 Sep 2021 12:56:00 +0000 <![CDATA[SUSHI Extends Bull Run, ZEN Jumps on Coinbase Pro News]]> listed on the major exchange listed on the major exchange Coinbase Pro

At 14:23 UTC, SUSHI was up by 19% over the past 24 hours, trading at a price of USD 15.37 per token.

Today’s rally for SUSHI follows a sharp bull run that is now on its third day, pushing the price up from just over USD 11 on Tuesday this week, to a high of USD 16.20 today. The move, which has happened without any major news being announced, appears to have been driven mainly by a sense that the DEX token is undervalued compared to those of other DEXes, as well as a bullish-looking chart that community members said “looks ready to explode.”

And explode the price did, shooting through the resistance area that was established between USD 14.30 and USD 14.60, to highs not seen since May.

SUSHI 90-day price chart:


At the same time, Horizen’s ZEN token was up by 14% over the past 24 hours to a price of USD 100.80, making it today’s third-best performer.

The majority of the gains for ZEN over the past 24 hours were seen yesterday evening UTC time, when traders got caught by surprise by an announcement from Coinbase Pro saying it has decided to list the token.

Following the listing news, ZEN jumped by nearly 35% in a matter of minutes on large trading volumes, before later giving back some of its gains.

ZEN 90-day price chart


According to the announcement from Coinbase Pro, ZEN will be tradeable on or after 09:00 pacific time (18:00 UTC), depending on liquidity conditions. For now, the token will only be available via Coinbase Pro, and not on, the exchange said.
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]]> Thu, 16 Sep 2021 12:14:00 +0000
<![CDATA[HBAR Jumps On USD 5.7B Promise From Hedera Hashgraph]]> HBAR 24h price chart. Source: CoinGecko

Per the press release, this investment is worth is approximately 20% of HBAR’s total supply. “The resolution was approved at the July 14th Governing Council meeting, at which time the value of the allocation was approximately [USD] 2 billion,” it added.

The Council initially reserved up to HBAR 5.35bn, worth some USD 2.83bn to the newly established independent HBAR Foundation, which they say will have autonomy over the administration, development, and deployment of its HBAR distributions, in addition to providing grants to developers, startups, and other organizations.

The aim of these actions is to accelerate the development and adoption of the Hedera network for various applications in a number of industries, including decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and gaming.

The rest of the mentioned allocation is reserved for “partnerships and other initiatives designed to strengthen the development of the Hedera ecosystem,” while the HBAR meant for this purpose will be moved from Hedera Treasury accounts.

“Our mission is to fund a future where entrepreneurs form digitally-native economies and ecosystems, controlling their own assets, identities, data, marketplaces, and more,” said Shayne Higdon, Executive Director and CEO of the HBAR Foundation.
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<![CDATA[China Goes After Camouflaged Crypto Miners Ahead of Winter Season]]>

While some miners left the country since the beginning of the crackdow...]]>

While some miners left the country since the beginning of the crackdown on the crypto industry, others have tried staying in business by switching to lesser-known coins and decentralized storage technologies. One such miner said that he keeps switching to new facilities for his equipment, with not more than 100 machines active in any one location, so to avoid regulators noticing the surge in power usage.   

People familiar with the matter claimed that a reason behind the urgency with which the authorities are cracking down on these miners is the concern over the country’s power supplies for the incoming winter season.  

In Hebei province, local agencies asked for companies to avoid crypto mining with their computing systems, as well as for a self-compliance check before the end of this month, said the report, citing a Wednesday statement.

The Hebei cyberspace commission is quoted as saying that a massive expansion of crypto mining would “seriously affect economic and social development and directly threaten national security.” Furthermore, its power consumption hampers China’s emissions-cutting policy, while crypto trading disrupts financial order, said the statement.

The commission will cooperate with other government departments to crack down on virtual currency mining and trading, with the province's educational department, public security department, local financial regulatory bureau, and communications administration also set to join, reported Gadgets360.

They further aim to increase the information collection from the general public and whistle-blowers. 
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<![CDATA[Blockchain Users Shift Focus Towards Dapp Gaming]]> NFT) unique wallets increased by only 3% and 6%, respectively. 

The data is based on an analysis of some 884,000 users who connected to DappRadar between August 1 and September 12, the firm NFT) unique wallets increased by only 3% and 6%, respectively. 

The data is based on an analysis of some 884,000 users who connected to DappRadar between August 1 and September 12, the firm said.

The analyzed countries include the US, which dominated the findings with 121,000 users covered by the report, as well as a number of countries from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.   

The latest available data confirms the shift towards blockchain-based gaming.

Last May, 55% of DappRadar’s audience interacted with DeFi dapps, while the remaining 45% were equally divided between NFTs and games. Last June, DeFi generated 54% of the clickouts, while Games and NFTs represented a total of 46%.

“Flash forward to August, the numbers have changed drastically," the report said. "DeFi dapps now represent around 18% of the traffic whereas games account for 45% and NFTs are close to 41%.” 

“August confirmed a trend we started observing in July — that dapp users are increasingly shifting their focus to gaming and NFTs, and less so on DeFi. Looking at the consumer behaviors behind those numbers makes the gaming segment all the more promising,” per the firm. 

Moreover, the report indicates the beginnings of a trend involving a growing number of women entering the blockchain space and, along with it, dapp gaming. 

Of the 240,000 analyzed users, 75% were men, and 25% women. This said, since May, the difference has been slightly decreasing, according to data from the report. ____

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<![CDATA[Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins Try to Gain Bullish Momentum]]> XRP could start a steady increase if it clears USD 1.12. ADA must settle above USD 2.50 for a sustained upward move.

T...]]> XRP could start a steady increase if it clears USD 1.12. ADA must settle above USD 2.50 for a sustained upward move.

Total market capitalization

Source: https://www.tradingview.comBitcoin price

After a steady move above USD 48,000, bitcoin price faced sellers near USD 48,500. Recently, there was a downside correction and BTC traded below USD 48,000. However, downsides were limited below USD 47,200 and USD 47,000. On the upside, an immediate resistance is near the USD 48,200. The first major resistance is near the USD 48,500 level, above which the price could rise towards USD 49,200.

On the downside, an immediate support is USD 47,400. The first major support is near USD 47,000, below which the price could test USD 46,500.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price remains in a bullish trend and it settled well above the USD 3,500 level. ETH is rising and it could attempt a close above USD 3,600. If the bulls succeed, the price could rise further towards the USD 3,650 level. The next major resistance on the upside could be USD 3,720.

An initial support is near the 3,520 level. The first major support is at USD 3,500. Any more losses may possibly lead the price towards the USD 3,440 level.

ADA, LTC, DOGE, and XRP price

Cardano (ADA) is stuck near the USD 2.45 level. To start a steady increase, it must clear the USD 2.50 and USD 2.55 resistance levels. In this case, the price may even clear USD 2.65. The next key resistance is near USD 2.80. If there is a fresh decline below USD 2.40, the price might retest the USD 2.32 level.

Litecoin (LTC) is up 5% and it broke the USD 188 resistance. It seems like the bulls are aiming for a test of the USD 200 level. Any more gains could open the doors for a move towards the USD 220 level. If there is a downside correction, the bulls might remain active near USD 180.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is still facing a major resistance near the USD 0.250 level. A proper break above the USD 0.250 level could set the pace for a stronger increase. The next major resistance is at USD 0.265, above which the price might test USD 0.280.

XRP price is aiming for a clear break above the USD 1.12 resistance level. In this case, the price could rise steadily towards the USD 1.20 level. If not, there could be a downside correction towards the USD 1.05 level. The main breakdown support is near the USD 1.00 level.

Other altcoins market today

Many altcoins are up over 5%, including REN, ZEN, SNX, SUSHI, RUNE, AVAX, CRV, ZRX, WAVES, ALGO, MATIC, and MKR. Out of these, ZEN and SUSHI are up over 18%.

To sum up, bitcoin price is rising steadily above USD 47,200. If BTC clears the USD 48,500 resistance, there could be a move towards the USD 50,000 level.


Find the best price to buy/sell cryptocurrency:]]> Thu, 16 Sep 2021 09:23:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Analysts Urge Caution as Golden Cross Appears in Bitcoin Chart]]> BTC/USD golden cross (blue circle) and death cross (red circle). Source: TradingView

This week’s golden cross comes after bitcoin in June printed a ‘death c...]]> BTC/USD golden cross (blue circle) and death cross (red circle). Source: TradingView

This week’s golden cross comes after bitcoin in June printed a ‘death cross’, which turned out to indicate mainly that the market had already fallen significantly, without much predictive power.

And although the golden cross is generally seen as a bullish signal, most analysts agree that it should mainly be seen as a confirmation that the asset has been in a sustained uptrend, which may or may not continue into the future.

According to research done by the crypto exchange Kraken, both the 7-day and 30-day returns have been negative on average for traders who chose to buy bitcoin on the day of its golden crosses. 

However, the signal may be more reliable when looking at the longer-term, the researchers suggested.

Source: Kraken Intelligence

“Since BTC's inception, we've seen 7 instances where BTC has formed a golden cross," Kraken Intelligence wrote in a report ahead of the latest bitcoin golden cross, adding: 

"On average, BTC is little changed in the month that follows a golden cross. However, the average 90-day and 180-day return following a golden cross has been +13% and +42%, respectively.” 

Also warning against blindly following the golden cross strategy was James Butterfill, an investment strategist at the crypto asset management firm CoinShares, who in a Twitter post this week said that he would advise clients to be “cautious.”

The golden cross signal “hasn’t been a consistent predictor of positive returns,” Butterfill wrote, while also sharing a graph showing how bitcoin has performed on different timeframes following previous golden crosses:

The last time a golden cross appeared in the bitcoin chart was on May 21, 2020, when the price was USD 9,520. Back then, the golden cross marked the beginning of bitcoin’s major bull market, which brought it to its all-time high of more than USD 64,000 over the next year.

Both the moving average lines themselves, and the crossing of them, are commonly watched among trend following traders and funds across many different asset classes, with some using them as thresholds to decide whether to take up ‘long’ or ‘short’ positions.

The opposite of the golden cross is the death cross, which occurs when the 200-day crosses over the 50-day moving average, generally indicating a bear market.

At 09:14 UTC on Thursday, bitcoin was up by almost 2% for the past 24 hours to a price of USD 48,131. The price is further up by just over 2% since the golden price appeared in the chart.


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<![CDATA[AMC To Add Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCH Payments Alongside Bitcoin]]> litecoin (LTC), and bitcoin cash (BCH)

This comes after the chain made waves in the cryptosphere last month when it...]]> litecoin (LTC), and bitcoin cash (BCH)

This comes after the chain made waves in the cryptosphere last month when it stated it would allow customers to buy tickets and snacks with BTC by the end of this year.  

Adam Aron, CEO of AMC, unveiled the plan in a recent tweet addressed to “[c]ryptocurrency enthusiasts”. 

AMC “has announced we will accept Bitcoin for online ticket and concession payments by year-end 2021. I can confirm today that when we do so, we also expect that we similarly will accept Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash,” the CEO said.

Last month, Aron shared his opinion that cryptocurrencies were on track to  increase their importance in the coming years in a much-discussed tweet.

“If it remains safe and reliable to use, it would seem that crypto currency will get even more important in future years," he said. "From reading your comments, I see that many of you are crypto enthusiasts. AMC is pleased to get out in front, by planning to accept payment online in bitcoin.” 

Embracing crypto could provide the chain with the much-needed financial boost. AMC has managed to escape bankruptcy owing to a USD 917m cash infusion by the company’s investors. The business welcomed the new equity and debt capital, recognizing it “should allow the company to make it through this dark coronavirus-impacted winter.”  

The CEO’s latest announcement has also triggered a number of positive reactions by crypto users on social media, with one particular group of cryptocurrency supporters voicing their demand that the company add a new crypto to the mix - specifically, the dogecoin (DOGE) community.  

The issue of AMC’s notorious meme stock also resurfaced in the course of the debate.  

At one point on September 15, the AMC stock went up to USD 47.7, then ended the day at USD 46.84. Its year-to-date change is 2,230%.


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- All Roads Lead to Crypto and the AMC Meme Stock One May Too
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<![CDATA[Thousands Joined Anti-Bitcoin March in El Salvador, BTC ATM Torched]]> reported. The protesters argued that Bukele has too much power concentrated in his hands, and that he has weakened the courts’ independence. These marchers are firmly against his seeki...]]> reported. The protesters argued that Bukele has too much power concentrated in his hands, and that he has weakened the courts’ independence. These marchers are firmly against his seeking re-election in 2024. 

Additionally, they are against the decision to make BTC legal tender, which many expressed by wearing ‘no to BTC’ shirts, or carrying signs that stated ‘no to dictatorship’ and ‘we were defrauded by Bitcoin’.

The protesters were further angered by the Chivo wallet’s ongoing issues. The app’s system is overwhelmed by the number of users attempting to seize the USD 30 worth of BTC bonus issued by the government with each account.

Bukele recently admitted that launching the new system within three months was “too big of a challenge,” maintaining that the mistakes are already being fixed. He further claimed that a number of Chivo’s technical-related problems had been “95% addressed,” while remaining issues would be ironed out “in the next few days.”

Bukele also claimed just two days ago that Chivo had over a half-million users or around 8% of the country's population.  

At least one Chivo ATM was torched during this latest protest, with anti-Bukele and anti-BTC slogans written on the cubicle housing it.

“The time has come to defend democracy,” a protester, former Supreme Court justice Sidney Blanco, was quoted as saying. "This march is symbolic, it represents weariness with so many violations of the Constitution.”

Per opposition lawmaker Claudia Ortiz, “Bitcoin was a very big economic decision, and it was done totally illogically, sent to congress and passed the same day,” Bloomberg reported. “We are going through a profound fiscal crisis with high cost of living and unemployment and the government’s response, instead of serious economic policy, is to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender,” she said, adding that it’s unclear who was behind the vandalism.

Bukele claims that there’s no doubt it were the protestors, not “infiltrators.”

Per the recent public opinion surveys in El Salvador, a majority of Salvadorans opposed making BTC an official currency.

Yet, BBC reported that a recent newspaper poll showed 85.7% of people approved of the president.

El Salvador made BTC legal tender on September 7, while the government has proposed more than 200 changes to the constitution, including eliminating a ban on presidential re-election. 

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- Surveys: Most of El Salvador Public Is Opposed to Bitcoin Adoption Law

- IMF Says Making Bitcoin a National Currency is an 'Inadvisable Shortcut'
- El Salvador Will Be a Serious Test for Bitcoin's Layer-2 Networks

- World Bank Accused Of Ignorance & Hypocrisy As It Refuses to Help El Salvador
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<![CDATA[Bitcoin Consolidates, Ethereum Rallies, Altcoins Gain Traction]]> ETH rallied almost 8% and it even spiked above the USD 3,600 level. XRP broke the USD 1.10 level and moved above the USD 1.12 resistance. ADA could gain traction if there is a close above USD 2.50.

Total market capitalization

Source: https://...]]>
ETH rallied almost 8% and it even spiked above the USD 3,600 level. XRP broke the USD 1.10 level and moved above the USD 1.12 resistance. ADA could gain traction if there is a close above USD 2.50.

Total market capitalization

Source: https://www.tradingview.comBitcoin price

After a clear break above USD 46,000, bitcoin price was able to extend gains. BTC broke the USD 47,000 resistance and it even climbed above USD 48,000. It faced sellers near the USD 48,500 level and is now trying to get momentum above USD 48,200 once again. 

On the upside, the next major resistance is near the USD 48,500 level, above which the price could test USD 49,200. The first major support could be USD 47,000, below which the price could revisit USD 46,500.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price outperformed bitcoin and was able to surge above the USD 3,500 resistance. ETH even broke USD 3,550 and spiked above USD 3,600. A close above this level may possibly open the doors for a stronger rally.

An immediate support is near the 3,500 level, below which the price might test USD 3,440. 

ADA, LTC, DOGE, and XRP price

Cardano (ADA) is consolidating near the USD 2.50 level. The main breakout zone is still near USD 2.55, above which the price might gain bullish momentum. If not, there is a risk of a move towards the USD 2.25 level.

Litecoin (LTC) is up over 6% and it broke the USD 190 resistance. If the bulls succeed, the price could rise steadily towards the USD 200 level. On the downside, the price might remain stable near the USD 180 level.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is still facing a major resistance near the USD 0.250 level. A close above the USD 0.250 level is a must to start a steady increase. In this case, the price could even surpass the USD 0.265 level. The next major resistance is near USD 0.280.

XRP price is rising and it was able to settle above the USD 1.10 level. The main resistance is still near USD 1.12. A close above USD 1.12 could lift the price towards USD 1.20. Conversely, the price might decline towards the USD 1.05 level.

Other altcoins market today

Many altcoins gained over 8%, including ZEN, REN, SUSHI, AVAX, WAVES, CRV, TEL, CELO, REV, RUNE, and SNX. Out of these, ZEN rallied over 28% and it broke the USD 105 level.

Overall, bitcoin price is showing positive signs above USD 47,000. BTC might correct lower in the short-term, but dips could be limited below USD 46,500 and USD 46,000.


Find the best price to buy/sell cryptocurrency:]]>
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<![CDATA[Uruguay Regulator Suggests that Crypto-Real Estate ‘Exchanges’ Are Possible]]>

The media outlet noted that a number of “specialized portals” that advertise real est...]]>

The media outlet noted that a number of “specialized portals” that advertise real estate for sale in exchange for cryptoassets have appeared in the Latin American nation. It added that a growing number of property vendors were also stating that they would accept crypto payments.  

However, the notary’s request has uncovered something of a mixed response from the DGI on the matter. The agency stated that any such “sale” would not in fact be a traditional “real estate sale” at all. Instead, it would be classified as an “exchange of assets” – with “intangible assets” (crypto) being swapped for a tangible real estate “asset.” 

For a “sale” to take place, the DGI noted, money needs to change hands. And as the Uruguayan legal system does not recognize digital tokens as having monetary value, crypto cannot be used in legal “sales.” 

However, the DGI’s response hinted that crypto could indeed have some form of legal status, albeit that of an “intangible personal property.” This would allow it to be used as a means of exchange, a fact that, according to mainstream economic theory, means it fulfills at least one of the characteristics of money.

At no point did it overly state that real estate-crypto “exchanges” should be discouraged.

Regardless, the agency added, an exchange is still a taxable event – and even crypto-powered property “exchanges” must be registered with the Land Registry Office and taxed accordingly, presumably in line with the cryptoasset’s fiat peso worth at the time of sale.

The nation’s central bank has recently stated that it is preparing to make a statement about crypto, where it is expected to outline its policy on tokens and how they should be regulated. The statement should be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.  


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<![CDATA[P2P Platforms, Cross-border Transactions Drive African Crypto Markets]]> said, pointing to the inclusion of Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania in the top 20 countries of its Global Crypto Adoption said, pointing to the inclusion of Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania in the top 20 countries of its Global Crypto Adoption Index.

Africa received USD 105.6bn worth of crypto between July 2020 and June 2021, per Chainalysis.

P2P platforms have emerged as a major driving force behind Africa’s crypto industry growth in the past years. No other region uses such platforms to a greater extent than African crypto users, as they account for 1.2% of the continent’s transaction volume, and 2.6% of all volume for bitcoin (BTC).

One factor that could explain P2P platforms’ exceptional popularity among African users is that many of the continent’s countries have made it troublesome for customers to transfer money to crypto businesses from their bank accounts, either by enforcing strict regulations, or advising local banks not to permit such transfers. 

Binance used to be the most popular platform by far, but after the central bank’s sanction, many are moving to P2P platforms, like Paxful and Remitano,” Adedeji Owonibi, CEO and Founder of a Nigerian blockchain consultancy company Convexity and the associated 1st cryptocurrency community hub CBHUB, told Chainalysis.

“Informal P2P trading is huge in Nigeria on Whatsapp and Telegram. I’ve seen young people and businessmen in these groups carry out transactions for several million with popular [over-the-counter] merchants.”

Cross-region transfers of crypto are also uniquely popular in Africa, with 96% of the region’s transaction volume, compared with 78% for all of the world’s regions combined.

Another particularity of Africa’s crypto market is that it has a larger share of its overall transaction volume in terms of retail-sized transfers than any other region of the world, at more than 7%, compared with the global average of 5.5%.

Source: Chainalysis

“Drilling down further, Africa also sees a bigger share of its transaction volume made up of large retail and small retail-sized payments than the global average,” according to the analysis. 

“These numbers are a big part of why so many African countries rank high on our adoption index, as smaller transfer sizes suggest higher grassroots adoption amongst everyday users.”

Meanwhile, some of the region’s countries such as Nigeria have unveiled plans to launch their central bank digital currencies (CBDC). This said, some local industry observers remain skeptical if African crypto users will put their faith and money into a government-run coin.

“Last week in a Clubhouse room of Nigerian crypto users, I asked the group if they would use the e-naira when the central bank rolls it out,” Owonibi said. “The overwhelming majority of attendees said no because they expect it to have the same instability and management issues the naira has today.”
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<![CDATA[Ray Dalio On Bitcoin, FTX to List Fan Tokens, ETF Battles + More News]]> bitcoin." He added that all alternatives to cash and other financial assets should be considered, while "Bitcoin is a possibility." However, if BTC becomes "really successful," regulators "will kill it because they have ways of killing it," he said,...]]> bitcoin." He added that all alternatives to cash and other financial assets should be considered, while "Bitcoin is a possibility." However, if BTC becomes "really successful," regulators "will kill it because they have ways of killing it," he said, reiterating his earlier statements.
 The institutionally focused digital asset data company Amberdata said it has raised USD 15m in a Series A funding round. The round was led by the major investment bank Citi, with participation from Franklin Templeton, Galaxy Digital, Rovida Kruptos Assets, and executives at GoldenTree Asset Management.The technology-focused venture capital firm Jump Capital announced that it has closed its latest venture fund for new investments, after securing a capital commitment of USD 350m. While the company’s funds generally have a broad tech industry focus, the latest fund will have an “increased concentration on the evolving crypto ecosystem.”TrustToken, the team behind the TrueFi lending protocol and stablecoins including TrueUSD, announced the acquisition of a Web 3.0 development company EthWorks. The acquisition doubles TrustToken’s team size, quadruples the company’s technical talent, and brings in senior technical and design leadership to lead TrustToken’s mission, they said.Wealth management platform Abra has raised USD 55m in Series C funding, led by IGNIA and Blockchain Capital with new investors including Kingsway Capital, Tiga Investments and the Stellar Development Foundation. Additional investments from existing investors include Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Amex Ventures, Arbor Ventures, RRE Ventures, CMT Digital Ventures, and Kenetic Advisors. Several Platinum customers also participated, while the round brought Abra’s total funding to over USD 85m.Regulation newsFidelity Investments has reportedly pushed the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to approve its BTC exchange-traded fund (ETF) “in a private meeting,” according to Bloomberg. In the meeting, Fidelity laid out arguments for their case, including “increased investor appetite for virtual currencies, the growth of bitcoin holders and the existence of similar funds in other countries.”Bitwise Asset Management has teamed up with ETF issuer ETF Series Solutions to file a proposal for a new bitcoin-tracking ETF in the US. According to the filing, the ETF will not invest directly in BTC, but instead hold regulated bitcoin futures and “pooled investment vehicles and Canadian-listed funds.”US President Joe Biden has asked the acting chairperson of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Rostin Behnam, to take up the position on a permanent basis, according to a statement from the White House. Behman has been serving as the acting chairperson of the CFTC since the former chair, Heath Tarbert, left in January. Meanwhile, law professor Kristin Johnson and government watchdog Christy Goldsmith Romero have been asked to serve as commissioners at the agency.USDT issuer Tether never did nor it now holds any commercial paper or other debt or securities issued by troubled Chinese property giant Evergrande, they said in a statement shared with The vast majority of the commercial paper held by Tether is in A-2 and above rated issuers, they added.NFTs newsThe international auction house Christie’s has put up for an online auction a collection from the renowned Asian actor and collector Shawn Yue that includes several “exceptionally rare” CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The event marks the first such auction of NFTs by an international auction house in Asia, Christie’s said.Exchanges newsCrypto exchange FTX has teamed up with sports and entertainment token issuer Chiliz to list Chiliz Fan Tokens, an announcement said. The first tokens to be listed will be INTER and GAL, which are fan tokens associated with the Italian football club Inter Milan and Turkish club Galatasaray.CBDCs newsThe Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey said it has signed bilateral memorandums of understanding with ASELSAN, HAVELSAN, and TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM, and established the “Digital Turkish Lira Collaboration Platform”. The bank continues to research the potential benefits of introducing a digital Turkish lira to complement the existing payments infrastructure, they added.Mining newsGreenidge Generation Holdings Inc., a Bitcoin mining and power generation company, has placed an order for 10,000 S19j Pro bitcoin miners from Bitmain. Greenidge intends to deploy all 10,000 units at its anticipated South Carolina, USA facility, said the press release. The miners are scheduled to be delivered in Q2 and Q3 2022, and are the latest development in the company's plans to expand its bitcoin mining capacity to 500MW by 2025.Chinese Bitcoin miner manufacturer Canaan has reported "record-high results in multiple operating and financial metrics," its Q2 unaudited financial results said. The company recorded over RMB 1bn (USD 167.5m) in total net revenue for Q2, up 507% from the same period of 2020, and up 167% from the first quarter of 2021. Gross profit was USD 66.2m, up 887% from the same period of 2020, and 120% from Q1 2021. Net income was USD 38m, marking the highest quarterly net profit since the company's 2019 IPO (initial public offering), compared to a net loss in that period in 2020 and a net income of USD 1.87m in Q1 2021.]]>
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<![CDATA[Former BitMEX Exec Agrees To Be Extradited From Bermuda To US]]>

Bermuda’s Magistrates’ Court first heard on July 1 that the District Court for the Southern District of New York had requested Dwyer to be extradited to the US, but his attorney requested an extradition hearing on behalf of his client, local paper The Royal Gazet...]]>

Bermuda’s Magistrates’ Court first heard on July 1 that the District Court for the Southern District of New York had requested Dwyer to be extradited to the US, but his attorney requested an extradition hearing on behalf of his client, local paper The Royal Gazette reported

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo has decided to extend Dwyer’s USD 20,000 bail. Prior to this, the Australian citizen was ordered to hand over his passport and not to leave Bermuda.  

A spokesperson for Dwyer said last July he was “innocent and looks forward to defending himself in court against these charges. His voluntary appearance today was the first step in that process.” 

In October 2020, US prosecutors filed criminal charges accusing four of the platform’s founders and executives of evading money laundering rules. Besides Dwyer, the indicted included co-founders Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed, and Benjamin Delo. 

The men were charged with operating an unregistered trading platform and violating a number of regulations, including the Bank Secrecy Act, and conspiracy to violate the Bank Secrecy Act. Each of the counts carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Last August, the platform resolved its row with the US regulators, reaching a settlement with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), and agreeing to pay a civil money penalty of as much as USD 100m.


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<![CDATA[NFT Insider Trading On OpenSea Highlights Benefits of Decentralization]]>

OpenSea confirmed that yesterday they learned that one their employees purchased items that they knew were set to display on the front page before they appeared there publicly.

"We are taking this very seriously and are conducting an immediate and thorough review of this incident so that we have a full understanding of the facts and additional steps we need to take," the NFT unicorn said.

OpenSea added that they have also implemented several policies that forbid its team members from trading collections that are featured or promoted by the company, among other restrictions. 

In either case, as soon as this caught the Cryptoverse’s eye, the discussions started on whether this is illegal or just unethical in the physical art world, but also on how useful NFTs are to insiders – with some saying quite a lot, comparing them to fiat.

And a major debate popped up again – that of decentralization within the space.

“Whether or not there is truth to the accusations of insider trading—OpenSea needs to use this as a catalyst to build a more decentralized platform,” opined Compound Finance co-founder Robert Leshner. “Centralized systems and their users are vulnerable to bad decisions by humans.”

As for whether such platforms exist, Alex Gausman, Founder of NFTX, tweeted that this is a decentralized marketplace, and that it’s the direction NFTX will be moving as they complete features for automated liquidity. “Our [decentalized autonomous organization] treasury also has [USD] 71m net worth. All managed 100% onchain through Aragon. All votes requiring > 80% consensus to pass,” Gausman said.

Matthew Graham of Sino Global Capital chimed in, saying that if the rumors are true, Chastain should be fired, and law enforcement should be involved, while Maya Zehavi, a Founding Board Member of the Israeli Blockchain Industry Forum, argued that this is something the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) should be dealing with.

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