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Fastest Selling Presale of 2023: Ecoterra's Recycle-2-Earn Secures $300,000 in 24-Hours Selling Out Fast

Wednesday April 19th 2023 – The ecoterra recycle-to-earn app has successfully raised $1.88 million in funding. It surpassed its presale price stages by garnering $300,000 in the last 24 hours alone.

Investors looking to lock in the lowest possible prices must move fast to secure the Stage 4 $ECOTERRA token price of $0.0065. 

There is only $580,000 to be raised before entering Stage 5, at which point the token price increases from $0.00625 to $0.0070 – a 12% uplift, so there really is no time to lose.  

Stage 4 of presale is selling out – get low price today

Although there are nine days left of the current Stage 4, the previous stage was sold out in just three days, which means the $0.00625 price may only be around for another day or two. 

In other words the presale could be knocking on the door of Stage 5 by Friday.

At the current pace there is every reason to expect the presale to be sold out by the end of April. Those interested in taking part in the presale should get on top of the necessary research and expedite their decision-making.

$ECOTERRA tokens can be bought with either ETH or the Tether stablecoin (USDT). Individuals new to crypto can buy with ordinary ‘fiat’ money using their bank card.

The exchange listing price for $ECOTERRA is $0.01, which is 150% above the  Stage 1 price of $0.004 and a 60% return on the current Stage 4 price. 

There’s a rush to buy $ECOTERRA because it is a great idea that’s being executed now 

Buyers are clearly in a rush to buy $ECOTERRA and it is easy to see why. 

Recycling is of necessity, an expanding industry globally, as humanity seeks to ward off the existential threats from environmental degradation and climate change.

The need for solutions to these problems is not in doubt – for sure there is innovation taking place at a rapid pace in the search for those solutions but it is no exaggeration to say that there are none that combine the simplicity and functionality of ecoterra’s decentralized system.

The market fit of the ecoterra project is second to none as it sets out on its journey to scale up the adoption of recycling by consumers and businesses.

Recycling rewards and ecology actions work in unison to help change the world

To achieve this end ecoterra has struck on two key ideas – easily collectable rewards for recycling and ecology actions to incentivize the undertaking of activities that can make a difference to the environment.  

Central to the ecoterra ecosystem is the recycle2earn app. 

It is the smartphone app that will enable users to access the three main features of the platform: the recycled materials and carbon offset marketplaces and the impact profile where ecology actions can be tracked.

The ecoterra team has reported particularly strong support for the presale in the DACH region or German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). German policymakers are committed to a sustainable economy built around renewable energy and recycling to embed the circular economy.

Ecoterra’s roots are in Europe, and its ability to attract surging interest in Germany bodes well for other markets, as the project and its recycling app become more widely known.

Top brands added to the app database, supermarket partnership signed

Undoubtedly helping to engender interest in the project is its speedy progress in bringing on board well-known consumer brands. 

Ecoterra has begun integration into its app of products from brands such as Vittel, San Pellegrino, Heineken, Pepsi, Fanta, Peroni, Evian and Dr Pepper into its database of scannable recyclable materials. 

In a nutshell, ecoterra empowers companies and rewards consumers to help us all make a difference.

The team at ecoterra has a wealth of experience in the recycling industry and the project has already signed up a partnership deal with supermarket chain Delhaize (Lion). 

Delhaize has branch networks across Europe, North America and Asia, where its stores have available reverse vending machines (RVMs) – a key element of the circular economy-aligned recycling system.

Recycling is a $63 billion industry so ecoterra has it all to play for

An RVM accepts recyclable materials and, in return, issues a reward. 

In conjunction with the recycle-earn ecoterra app you will be able to earn tokens for each item recycled.

For ecoterra and its investors there is all to play for. 

The recycling industry, which is set to grow to a valuation of $88 billion in 2030 from $63 billion this year,  according to data from Statista, investor returns are likely to be much greater than even 150%.

Experts are predicting greater interest in high-scoring environmental, social and governance crypto projects such as ecoterra. 

To quantify that, it could generate an astronomical return on investment for early buyers that, at minimum, could see ecoterra realize a ten-bagger – 10x valuation. 

As part of its presale marketing campaign ecoterra has launched a 5% referral program. 

Connect your wallet and click on the green link in the bottom right of the presale contribution panel to get your code.

Turn your ecological actions into tradable NFTs to power a green awakening

As explained, there are so many good reasons to invest in ecoterra. 

One more excellent reason, if you are not yet convinced, is the non-frivolous use case for NFTs that the team has invented.

With ecoterra, all of the ecology actions an individual or company undertakes count towards milestone achievement totals that can be represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

All the actions are trackable and constitute the main input for each user or company’s impact profile. 

By adopting NFT technology ecological actions such as tree planting or removing plastic from the environment are commodified and become tradable.

NFTs in effect provide further encouragement for all of us to do the right thing for our environment.

Invest in the fastest-growing presale of 2023

Another great ecoterra feature is enabling households and companies that generate renewable electricity to use this to create an $ECOTERRA token income stream.

Of course, each prospective investor must conduct due diligence by doing their own research. 

Nevertheless, the team at ecoterra is confident enough in their project to solicit funds from the public.

With a wealth of management and business experience, ecoterra is run by a team of trusted experts in the field of recycling and crypto. 

Invest today and be a part of the fastest-growing presale of 2023. Help ecoterra to help us all make a difference in the fight against climate change.

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