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Fancy Studios’ Games are Flying High and Some Celebrities and PFP Projects are Taking Notice

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Fancy Studios, a rapidly growing pioneer of web3 gaming, is reaching new heights of success, launching the beta of its second game and its community is excited. They have also been in early stage talks with a couple of celebrities and PFP projects on how they could build a game for them.

The beta version of the new game, “Fancy Birds: Sky Wars” went live on September 9, and is available on PC and mobile devices. Each player’s mission is to shoot down other birds while dodging bullets to survive, an engaging experience for all ages. The goal is to score as many points as possible to achieve a high placement when the game is over, with a ranking system that will reward those who are victorious.

Fancy Birds: Sky Wars game

It’s the second next generation blockchain game from Fancy Studios, following its first game Fancy Birds that launched to great success in March. The company has at least three other titles in development, too.

With traditional video games and apps, players might spend large amounts of money for upgrades, unlocking new characters and more, but they don’t actually own these assets. Fancy Studios’ games not only give players ownership of what they’ve bought via NFTs, but its games also provide players the opportunity to earn crypto.

Fancy Studios has already established a huge fanbase on Discord, which has more than 60,000 members, and on Twitter with more than 50,000 followers. The company also has a team of more than 50 and has raised $12.5 million to date. They’ve also sold a couple hundred thousand of their various NFTs, including their flagship Fancy Birds NFTs and in-game items in less than six months.

Mike Merritt, Fancy Studios’ Chief Operating Officer, said, “The outstanding reaction to our first game Fancy Birds exceeded our expectations, and showed there’s a real desire around the world for games that properly reward players with valuable assets that they own. We’re proud to see that Fancy Birds: Sky Wars is attracting the same positive response from players.”

Merritt says that the two games, and the strong engagement from players, is an example of how Fancy Studios can help celebrities, influencers, and PFP projects improve how they interact with their audiences. “We are player-centric, focusing on making our games intuitive, fun, and a shareable experience with friends, and it’s a great way for celebrities and PFP projects to interact with their communities. We’ve seen a lot of influencers in web2 ask how to monetize in web3, and gaming is a great fit. Other PFP projects that have longer timelines for their releases also want to deliver something to their community now, and a game is a quick and easy way to do just that.”

For example, Merritt says, singer Justin Bieber has a dedicated fan base of “Beliebers” who are always trying to find new ways to engage more with the star – and Bieber is also now looking at ways to do more with his audience, such as incentivizing them to do social justice work.

“I’ve been told he’s quite passionate about skateboarding, so Fancy Studios could create a game for him that his fans can play and buy skateboard NFTs to show how big of fans they are. To be clear, we aren’t speaking with him, but we’d love to open a conversation like that,” says Merritt. “Our team can similarly produce a wide range of games to create better and more loyal connections between celebrities, influencers, and PFP projects and their communities, with a focus on creating more immersive experiences while allowing for new ways to monetize.”

Fancy Studios believes they are just getting started in the promising future of web3 gaming.

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Fancy Birds Game
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Fancy Birds: Sky Wars Game
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