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Explore the Glamorous World of CryptoGames – An Online Crypto Casino

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Explore the Glamorous World of CryptoGames – An Online Crypto Casino 101

The Internet has changed humanity forever. All sectors of life have been altered immensely by this revolutionary change, particularly the entertainment industry which is unrecognizable from what it was a few decades ago. The gambling sector has been massively hit during this wave of change, as jaw-dropping innovations such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency were implemented into the system. All of these jointly led to the birth of online casinos which took the gambling community by storm. Users no longer had to be physically present in certain locations to gamble and the use of cryptocurrency in place of traditional fiat currency opened a world of new opportunities for gamblers. More time could now be invested in gambling from the comfort of one’s home with the help of these new innovations. The cryptocurrencies are more flexible to use than fiat currencies when it comes to gambling due to seamless modes of financial transactions. Thus, the gambling world has been reshaped immensely with these fabulous innovations and the industry was changed forever.

Online casinos soon became the norm in the gambling community and hordes of gamblers were flocking to these sites to engage in their favorite way of spending time and currency. However, many of these online casinos cannot fully satisfy the gamblers who use their services. As a result, many gamblers are left with a bitter taste and form a poor opinion of what online gambling can offer. This is where the exquisite online casino is known as CryptoGames makes its mark and sets itself as the industry standard in the world of gambling.

CryptoGames is an online casino that can meet the expectations of any devoted gambler and offer much more. It offers a plethora of services that assist in meeting gambler expectations and maintains its standing amongst the most elite casinos around the globe. Its security protocols are strong enough to deter the attempts of even the deadliest attacks. The financial options provided by CryptoGames make transaction super smooth and convenient for users. The library of old school games will easily grab the attention of ardent and devoted gamblers. The administrators and moderators are extremely humble and always communicate effectively with users about any issues they have. The celebratory aura the site has comes from its numerous promotional events that reward its users from time to time with free prizes. CryptoGames has maintained its extreme efficiency from the time of its creation and will always strive to meet the expectations of its ever-growing community of users.

Old School Games that will satisfy your burning desire for entertainment!

CryptoGames offers 8 of the most entertaining and fun-packed games available on the internet. These games are renowned all over the world for the fun and joy users derive from playing them. These old school games are molded to suit the taste of both veteran and novice gamblers. Some of these games have existed since the creation of the internet and have been absolute favorites of hundreds and thousands of gamblers. CryptoGames provides detailed guides and tutorials alongside the games so that users can immediately grasp the basics of the game and master them at an outstanding pace. Below is a detailed list of all the games available on the site:


Dice is a well-known game that has immensely interested gamblers from the time of its creation. This game comes with a vast range of possible outcomes (0.000-99.999). A number is decided before the dice is allowed to roll, and players decide if the rolling of the dice will result in a greater or lower value than the aforementioned number. The winner is the player who accurately predicts the outcome of the rolling of the dice. Bitcoin Dice is extremely famous in the gambling community because it is easy to play but filled with ecstasy.


In Roulette, players may choose to place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, the colors red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18).To determine the winning number, a ball is dropped in a spinning wheel. The number in which the ball drops after the wheel stops spinning is the winning number.

CryptoGames Roulette offers a “European” edition of the game in contrast to the “American” version. This version of Roulette has the same payout table as the American edition due to the presence of a single zero on the 37-number wheel, the table has half the amount of house edge. This world-famous game draws huge numbers of gamblers due to enormous prize pools and lucrative winnings.


Slot machines have generated huge interest from its creation and today it is an extremely popular and beloved game in the gambling community. Superbly enjoyable and exciting, this game always manages to fully grasp the attention of anyone who plays this game. The game is played on four reels that spin back and forth before completely stopping. If four predetermined symbols line up in the middle then the winner is decided. CryptoGames offers “single line” slots which have a horizontal pay line. A maximum of 5 BTC can be won in one single bet from the CryptoGames bitcoin slot machine.


In Blackjack, players compete to gain a hand that possesses points closer to 21 than the banker. Anything above 21 is a bust. Users have the option to surrender, double down and split. This competitive game manages to draw the attention of ardent gamblers who love the intense action that bitcoin blackjack brings.


Lottery is the testing of one’s luck through purchasing tickets. This extreme test of luck and endurance has often changed the fortunes of those who engaged in it. The game of Lotto is now a very popular game in the gambling community. CryptoGames hosts two bitcoin lotto draws every Saturday and Wednesday where three winners are announced. The three victors get to pocket all of the ticket revenue.


Plinko is one of the most delightful and fun-to-play games in the online gambling community. This game always gets a huge number of players as it draws huge winnings. In this game, a ball is allowed to bounce from the top of a pegged pyramid to the bottom. Before the game begins, placers must decide on an amount to bet and a pay-out value based on the color of the ball has to be assigned.

Video Poker

The popular game Video poker originated from the traditional game of five-card draw poker. CryptoGames offers three versions of the game commonly known as Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Users can switch between their preferred games using the options available in the top left corner of the game board. This modern game requires a lot of skill and patience to master but rewards gamblers who master it immensely.


The game known as Minesweeper was created in 1960 and was a favorite amongst computer users from then on. This game uses a field that contains boxes and players have to press on these boxes to play the game. Some mines are inside the boxes and if the player clicks on any of these boxes the game ends immediately. CryptoGames bitcoin minesweeper allows users to have a profit of up to 5 BTC in one single bet.

Security Protocols that will safeguard your funds even in the direst cases

Greedy hackers are always roaming the internet and rummaging through online casinos for any frail signs of security. These atrocious attackers exploit these feeble security protocols to grab valuable user funds from poor unsuspecting gamblers. CryptoGames has installed multiple security measures directed at neutralizing these horrendous attackers and providing impenetrable security for user funds. Two-factor authentication and SSL encryption are used to create a layer of extremely dense security. Withdrawal of funds is done through email verification, therefore in cases where the hacker attains access to user account and password, they will be unable to take out funds. In case, the email registered gets comprised, they still will not be able to access the account if the comprised account has two-factor security enabled. Even if the hackers launch a desperate attack on the casino itself, the funds will be completely safe and secure as they are stored in cold wallets. All of these features ensure the absolute protection of user funds from the attempts of malicious hackers.

Promotions and Events that keeps a festive mood throughout the year!

CryptoGames is renowned in the gambling community for its extreme generosity through its promotional events! It celebrates numerous events all through the year, giving users multiple opportunities to win free rewards! These promotions allow gamblers a plethora of chances to claim remunerative rewards such as free coins, voucher codes and lottery tickets! In the previous year, CryptoGames hosted Easter, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas events that everyone appreciated immensely as all users received gifts through joining the events. Users that missed the chances were also sent free coins to their registered email. A special “No Bet Speed Limit” is held every Monday, which allows users to claim a higher number of coins as a larger number of bets per second can be placed. No more reason to hate Mondays!

Your gambling future is secure with CryptoGames

Gambling is an art that can soothe even the most tired souls. A gambler should select a casino that can completely satisfy his gambling expectations and allow him to put his potential to maximum use. This is where the CryptoGames excels massively. CryptoGames brings the most of a gambler with its exceptional services. Its attributes help it establish its utter dominance in the gambling community and assist it in maintaining its standing amongst the greatest online casinos in the industry. Its strong security protocols safeguard valuable user funds from the horrendous attempts of online attackers. Its library of games will keep users hooked for years and the tutorials attached with them will allow users to bring the most out of themselves. The aura of celebration that comes from the plethora of events that CryptoGames hosts brings immense satisfaction within the CryptoGames community of users. The operators of the site are working around the clock to keep the site running at maximum efficiency. All of these assist CryptoGames in maintaining its place amongst the elites in the online casino industry. As a gambler, it is up to you to utilize your potential to the fullest and thus, CryptoGames is here to assist you in achieving this great feat.

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