03 Oct 2022 · 2 min read

Experts Believe This New $0.018 Token Can 50x – Presale Starts Today

Cryptocurrencies have recently been getting a bad rap due to the environmental impacts of some blockchains. 

It is believed that Bitcoin alone consumes more energy than the whole country of Argentina, with a population of 45 million.

Well, today, investors are in with a rare chance to support a green project called IMPT, which is currently raising funds for the IMPT token at the presale stage.

The project helps individuals and businesses offset their carbon footprint easily and securely.

What's more is that IMPT.io runs on the Ethereum network, which recently reduced its energy consumption by more than 99%.

IMPT token addresses major crypto concerns

IMPT is considered a solution to many of the industry's biggest challenges. It leverages blockchain technology to address carbon market challenges with transparency, security, and reliability.

The company links brands with individuals and businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Users can buy, sell or retire carbon credits while avoiding problems associated with double counting and fraud.

The team has already done much of the hard work by onboarding thousands of brands and is now raising funds directly on its platform.

Here's how the platform works

Users can either buy carbon credits directly from the platform or acquire them while doing their regular shopping with the 10,000+ brands that IMPT has already partnered with.

impt brand partners

Carbon credits are tokenized, and users receive them in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

When users retire their carbon credits, burned NFTs are sent to a null address, thus removing them from circulation.

This whole process is recorded on the blockchain, which is almost impossible to tamper with, helping to avoid fraud and double-counting.

This adds an extra layer of transparency to the project and ensures that the impact is accurately measured.

Moreover, when users burn their carbon credit NFTs, they will receive a unique NFT created by an artist that they can trade on the marketplace.

The IMPT marketplace

Each IMPT token can be exchanged for a carbon credit that exists in the form of an NFT.

Users can retire their carbon credits by burning their NFT, and for doing so, they will receive a unique collectible NFT as a reward.

The idea here is that users are incentivized to retire their carbon credits so they can receive an NFT, which can then be traded with other users on the marketplace.

IMPT token presale details and how to buy

To purchase IMPT in the token presale, investors will need to connect their Ethereum wallet to the IMPT website.

The total supply of the IMPT token is 3 billion, with 40% of the supply up for grabs in the presale.

The presale final stage price is $0.0280, so buying now at $0.018 will bag a paper profit of 55%, even before IMPT lists on an exchange.

Presale stages:

1st Stage: 20% – 600,000,000 tokens – $0.0180

2nd Stage: 22% – 660,000,000 tokens – $0.0230

3rd Stage: 18% – 540,000,000 tokens – $0.0280

10% of tokens (300 million) have already been sold at an early-bird price of $0.0120