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Experts Believe This Crypto Could Go 50x by 2023 – This Year’s Best Performer?

Simon Chandler
Last updated: | 3 min read

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The Impact Project presale has now raised $1.5 million, only four days after it opened to investors. This represents an average of $375,000 raised per day, suggesting that the decentralized carbon credit platform could reach its presale hard cap of $10.8 million in another 25 days.

The IMPT presale has quickly become one of the most talked about token offerings in the cryptocurrency market. This is based largely on the Impact Project’s aim to build a marketplace where consumers can shop with eco-friendly retailers and trade the carbon credits they accumulate as NFTs.

And with the presale making IMPT available at only $0.018, early investors could witness some big gains once the coin receives its first listings.

Experts Believe This Crypto Could Go 50x by 2023

There’s a good possibility that the IMPT presale could reach its $10.8 million hard cap earlier than the 25 days suggested above since its daily raise figures have increased a little since starting. Within the first 24 hours, it raised ‘only’ $150,000, yet in the past couple of days, it has raised around $500,000 daily.

Assuming an average of $500,000 per day, the IMPT token sale will reach $10.8 million in another 19 days, give or take. In other words, interested parties may not have much longer to act if they want to buy some IMPT at a discounted price.

In fact, IMPT’s presale price will rise in the next few days. It’s currently in the first stage of the sale, during which it can be bought for $0.018, but after this, it will rise to $0.023 and then, in the third and final stage, to $0.028.

Given how low such prices are, IMPT could see big gains once its presale comes to a close and it starts listing on exchanges. The main reason for this is that its fundamentals look promising, with its vision for a blockchain-based carbon credit marketplace and eco-friendly shopping platform proving quite unique in the cryptocurrency sector.

Running on the Ethereum blockchain, the Impact Project’s platform basically has two main prongs. 

On the one hand, it will enable users to shop online with retailers who provide a percentage of their sales to environmental initiatives and causes, with the Impact Project reporting in its whitepaper that it “also engages thousands of the largest retail brands that allocate a specific percentage of sale margin for environmental projects.”

On the other hand, it will enable users to acquire and trade NFT-based carbon credits, which can either be bought directly via its platform or received via purchasing items with partner retailers and initiatives. 

This is where things get interesting since by tokenizing carbon credits as NFTs, the Impact Project creates a more transparent and fairer market for them. All transfers and sales of carbon credits can be viewed on the Ethereum blockchain, reducing the scope for double spending and fraud, which has been a big issue for the existing global carbon offset market to date.

By providing consumers with tradable carbon credits, the Impact Project will incentivize more environmentally conscious spending and behavior. This is also helped by the scores it provides to users, which helps them track just how green their spending has been.

Above-Average Performance?

All in all, such features make the Impact Project one of the most promising presales and new tokens around. And at a time when the wider cryptocurrency market has been stagnant, it’s one of a selection of new altcoins that hold out promise for big returns.

Indeed, it has already attracted a fair few converts, who, despite the very young age of the project, have already begun watching its progress and predicting good things for its future.

Based on other big presales seen this year (e.g. Tamadoge, Battle Infinity), it could very well witness significant price moves following its first batch of listings. For example, Tamadoge rose by over 1,000% compared to its token sale price when it gained a listing on OKX, meaning it cracked the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market cap within a few days.

Something similar could happen with IMPT, and while the future isn’t predictable, the Impact Project has certainly laid the foundations to help make it a success.

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