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Experts Believe This is the Best Presale of 2022 – 25x Returns Possible?

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Only 16 days have passed since IMPT launched its presale, and this green crypto project has raised almost $6 million. Just yesterday, it surpassed the $5.5 million milestone.

IMPT launched its presale on 3 October 2022 and scheduled it until 25 November 2022 or until it raises $10.8 million. Having raised more than half of the funds in just over 2 weeks, IMPT looks to be on track to sell out before its intended date.

New Trend of Eco-Friendly Investing

What is it about the IMPT token that makes it one of the most energy-efficient cryptos?

IMPT is a green crypto initiative connecting investors concerned about the environment with enterprises supporting environmentally conscious causes. It has formed partnerships with numerous retail brands and enabled investors to receive IMPT tokens as a reward for shopping at their stores.

The project aims to unite individuals and businesses to work toward reducing their carbon footprints. IMPT has activated a social feature, scoring each user according to their impact on the environment. Users that make a positive contribution to the environment are rewarded IMPT.io points.

Investors can buy IMPT tokens and convert them into carbon credits. By retiring carbon credits to reduce their carbon footprint, users earn higher points. After retiring carbon credits, investors receive unique NFTs which they can hold as an investment, or sell for a profit on the marketplace.

Businesses can integrate IMPT's platform into their operations and receive points. The IMPT whitepaper contains all the information that investors want to know about this project and the benefits offered.

1 IMPT currently costs $0.018, with this amount payable in either ETH or USDC. Stage 2 is scheduled to begin either when the sale raises $10.8 million or by December 1, at which point the price will rise to $0.023.

After that, investors who have acquired IMPT will then need to sit tight and wait for the sale to end, at which point the Impact Project will inevitably announce some exchange listings. There's a chance that the price of IMPT could rise dramatically in the wake of its first listings, with Tamadoge (TAMA) – one of the most successful presales of the year – rising by 1,800% at one point over its cheapest presale price.

Given that the wider cryptocurrency market continues to struggle with poor macroeconomic conditions, even a fraction of the above gain would constitute a good investment for most investors. If the presale's recent performance is anything to go by, it seems that IMPT has a very bright future ahead.

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