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Experience the Metaverse Like Never Before With This New Crypto Project – Join the Future Here

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The development of metaverse games in the Web3 sector has been driven by the current play-to-earn (P2E) initiative, which enables players to earn profit while having fun. Now, more developers are developing metaverse-focused projects due to the endless imagination of the metaverse. One such project is RobotEra, a Sandbox-like project. 

The project’s native token, $TARO, runs the in-world economy and has raised more than $964,000 in the presale in just few months.

A Colorful Metaverse Made for Everyone

Launched in 2022, RobotEra intends to incorporate several key Web3 principles in order to create a gaming project akin to a sandbox where users can gain practical experience and earn profits.

RobotEra’s plot begins with Taro’s restoration, which was destroyed after a conflict between the planet’s natives and the first robots they built. Participants must now rebuild Taro and create digital identities, known as avatars.

The metaverse platform aims to create a world with limitless potential. Users can gather resources from the planet, take care of their territory, make robot friends, and help shape the universe by using the robot NFT as their avatar. Players have the freedom to create anything they can imagine and usher in a new era with other robots.

The robots are the project’s main NFTs, and players will transform into robots on the planet Taro. On the other hand, robot companions are loyal allies and beneficial members of all major forces, and players can create robot companions with various characteristics and abilities. 

Earn While Having Fun

Anyone, regardless of age, gender, occupation, or socioeconomic background, can participate in the game. Gamers will have the freedom to create their planet, live there, and manage their resources.

RobotEra provides an exciting gameplay experience to all players and gives them complete control over everything they own. Users can trade and pay for any item they want because they are all non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including avatars and in-game properties.

RobotEra’s “play-to-earn” model, which allows players to earn tokens by participating in games and completing quests, is one of its unique features. Players can make profits by producing and reselling NFTs, including land, robot companions, robot components, and many more. Players with extra tokens can pledge and invest in the environment, and this will consistently generate a decent passive income.

Enterprises and large teams can also hold events on Taro’s independent continents as RobotEra creates numerous opportunities for global exposure and increased popularity.

The marketplace will be the main location for players to trade continents, robot companions, and other NFT goods. Those who create good products can list them on the market and earn an income. Of course, the marketplace can also be used to find premade assets to cut down on creation time.

Invest In TARO and Join the Future

$TARO, an Ethereum blockchain-based (ERC-20) utility coin, is the currency used in the RobotEra ecosystem for all transactions and interactions. The token is a top P2E crypto to invest in, having raised more than $964,000 in presale. This is impressive, considering the RobotEra is still nascent in the Metaverse. 

TARO is currently priced at $0.020, with the price increasing after each presale stage. At press time, RobotEra has sold 48,206,450 out of the 90,000,000 tokens allocated for the first stage. Once stage one ends, stage two will kick off, and the token price will increase to $0.025.

Investors can purchase the crypto token using the USDT or ETH in their wallet. Once the presale ends, they can claim their $TARO tokens using their claim page. 

Buy TARO on Presale Now

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