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Exorde Accuracy on Bitcoin Price Predictions is Making Bitcoin Trading a lot Simpler: What You Need to Know.

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

Exorde has a powerful Bitcoin Price prediction tool that makes Bitcoin trading much more straightforward with its high accuracy. The short-term price prediction dashboard provides predictions on where Bitcoin might be heading in the next hour. Its startlingly high accuracy could help many traders improve their profitability.

The prediction tool is part of the Exorde Index, which is a subset of the Exorde Protocol – a web3 protocol that empowers developers to crawl and link public data on the web. Using statistics such as social data and scraping sentiment from the entire web, Exorde has created a highly powerful prediction model. 

Exorde Index Accuracy Making Bitcoin Trading Simpler

The Exorde Index is a platform that provides price predictions for Bitcoin and a range of the top-ranked altcoins in the industry. The dashboard offers a system for traders to track the sentiment of crypto from across the entire Internet and gives them a 1-hour price prediction of where the model expects the price to head over the short term.

The Exorde Index has a range of features, including: 

  • Predictions with a high accuracy ratio
  • Tracking the sentiment of crypto
  • Real-time web trends
  • A unique decision support tool for traders
  • Worldwide data and multiple languages

The Exorde Index dashboard allows traders to make trades based on accurate price predictions. It also provides them with the tools to track the sentiment within the market and is not limited to a small set of languages. 

How Does Exorde Work?

The system uses the Exorde Protocol data and the information collected to train the Exorde Index prediction models. The model then evaluates the data and provides a crypto price prediction for the next hour. Due to the decentralized data collected, the system has a very high accuracy rate that reached as high as 70% correct price predictions following the implementation of its latest model. 

The Exorde Protocol itself forms the foundation for the information fed into the Exorde Index to formulate price predictions.

The Exorde Protocol is a web3 system that allows developers to crawl and scrape public data from the world wide web. The internet is a fountain of knowledge filled with information that can be gathered and analyzed for various purposes. With over 7 exabytes of data flowing through the internet daily, the Exorde Protocol provides a system that can help developers track and aggregate data through a decentralized open-source protocol. 

Through the Exorde Protocol, developers can take public information from the web, including data from social network posts, press articles, news reports, photos, and videos. Once the data has been scraped, the developers can process the information in a decentralized data pipeline that gives output graphs linking all similar data and facts. 

The data and analysis from the decentralized Exorde Protocol have a wide range of use cases, including filtering fake news from news feeds to finding the best NFT on the market. One of the flagship features of the protocol is the ability to help traders improve their trading decisions and become better traders. 

Upcoming Exorde Features Set to Be Groundbreaking

The team is still developing the Exorde index and has a pipeline of groundbreaking features to help traders become consistently profitable.

One of the current great features of the Exorde Index is that it provides a method for traders to track the sentiment of various crypto assets using data from across the web. Data scraped from the Exorde Protocol leverages social media postings and analyzes the sentiment on these posts to assess the future direction of prices. 

The social sentiment feature lets traders understand the current sentiment across the range of coins on the dashboard. It will enable them to make more informed decisions based on the current “mood” that the market is feeling. The feature provides up to 28 different sentiment categories, including fear, approval, anger, annoyance, and surprise;

The platform also provides a chart to visualize the overall sentiment for the market;

One of the upcoming features of the Exorde Index is set to be groundbreaking for traders. The team plans on creating a unique decision support tool designed explicitly for traders. The tool will provide price fluctuations for each token alongside related sentiment data, allowing traders to have the necessary support to make informed trading decisions based on real-world metrics. 

A unique feature of the decision support tool will alert traders when specific fundamental events occur in the market. For example, if a recent Tweet caused the market to shift quickly, traders will instantly be alerted to this market-moving news and help them make real-time decisions. 

Exorde Index isn’t limited to sentiment in the western world as it retrieves data from all languages. Therefore, Exorde Index is one of the only tools that provide worldwide sentiment analysis, regardless of the country or language. 

High-Profile Investors Back Exorde

Exorde managed to raise $2.5 million for its native token, EXD. The utility token will be used to power the decentralized protocol, and it was mentioned among the Top 7 cryptocurrencies to watch in Winter 2022 by CoinList.

A wide range of high-profile investors is backing the project as they believe in the future potential of the Exorde ecosystem as a whole. Some high-profile investors include Labs, Insignis Capital, Palar Capital, and Vespertine Capital.  


Overall, Exorde is set to change the game for crypto traders by providing users with high-accuracy price predictions. Currently, the system only provides forecasts over the next hour. However, the team is presently implementing price predictions for the next 24 hours and longer. Using the Exorde Index, traders can make more informed trading decisions with the hope of a more consistent profit.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.