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Exclusive: Brittany Kaiser on Crypto Issues and Solutions

Linas Kmieliauskas
Last updated: | 1 min read

The lack of legislation is the biggest issue for the crypto industry, Brittany Kaiser, co-founder of The Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), told

Kaiser is also known as a former senior executive at Cambridge Analytica, a company embroiled in an international controversy over its harvesting of the data of millions of Facebook users, who spoke to the media about how the firm operated.

However, now she’s focusing on the blockchain space and is working with various projects. One of them is DATA, which is an advocacy group for distributed ledger technology.

The lack of legislation doesn’t help entrepreneurs to understand what rules they are playing by, Kaiser noted.

“It means there is a bit of stifling of innovation, because we are not really sure what we are allowed to do, in what jurisdictions we’re going to be comfortable,” she said.

Kaiser estimates, that over the next 6-12 months many countries are going to be creating legislation probably for the first time or they will be changing already existing “negative legislation”.

“The crypto industry reached a tipping point, where we’re not going to be a sideline any longer, something that might disappear or fail,” Kaiser said stressing that it’s important the industry has a say what can help it to grow and innovate.

Also, she has an advice to crypto startups: “Always have a good set of lawyers. Don’t just talk to one.”

Watch the full interview here: