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eTukTuk Uses Blockchain Technology to Disrupt The EV Space, Next Presale Stage 2 Days Away

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eTukTuk (TUK) is proving to be a masterclass in blockchain use, with its ecosystem both encouraging the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and helping local economies. The belief in the project is growing at a staggering rate and with just 2 days left in the current presale stage, those interested will want to get involved as soon as possible.

We give you all the essential information about the project which will help you make the best decision possible regarding participating in the TUK presale.

eTukTuk is Pushing Us Into The EV Era

eTukTuk (TUK) is one of the most compelling use cases of blockchain technology for good yet. By using blockchain technology and integrating AI, the team is committed to constructing an ecosystem that tackles carbon emissions by promoting environmentally friendly transportation alternatives, ultimately propelling the global shift towards electric vehicles.

Central to this endeavor is the eTukTuk EV, providing a more cost-effective and reliable substitute for traditional TukTuks. This electric vehicle relies on efficient charging stations for its operations. Furthermore, the ecosystem supports drivers by enhancing their potential earnings and offering various benefits to all stakeholders. As a user, you not only have the chance to contribute to the solution but also to reap the rewards of reduced carbon emissions.

etuktuk ev blockchain

eTukTuk is Working with Some Major Entities

eTukTuk’s accomplishments extend beyond rhetoric. The project has achieved significant milestones and formed collaborations that strengthen its mission. Earlier this year, eTukTuk made a substantial impact through its partnership with The Capital Maharaja Group, a prominent conglomerate in Sri Lanka with a strong presence in various private sector enterprises and over 44 international collaborations. This collaboration resulted in The Capital Maharaja Group acquiring a 20% equity stake in eTukTuk’s Sri Lankan operations.

Another noteworthy collaboration is the one between eTukTuk and the Sri Lankan government. With government support, this partnership aims to establish over 200 charging station locations, offering substantial advantages for motorists. Drivers are expected to experience up to a 400% reduction in operating costs compared to using TukTuks powered by fossil fuels.

eTukTuk seamlessly integrated the Layer 2 opBNB from BNB Chain, underscoring its commitment to enhancing efficiency and innovation and providing compelling opportunities for early adopters in the cryptocurrency realm. The adoption of the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus method on BNB Chain, which has experienced significant growth in 2023, served as the driving force behind this transition.

The TUK Token is 2 Days Away From a Price Increase

The TUK token plays a crucial role, offering users benefits as the network of efficient charging stations expands. The team emphasizes that this impact goes beyond environmental advantages, also positively affecting disadvantaged communities grappling with financial disparities and high living costs.

The token’s mission is nothing short of ambitious: “to permanently eradicate carbon emissions from our planet!” Despite this lofty goal, the project wholeheartedly demonstrates its dedication to environmental improvement.

The team’s steadfast dedication to making a substantial impact is evident in the effective solution they have crafted to address carbon emissions. Naturally, the development of the TUK token plays a crucial role in the growth of the eTukTuk network.

The ecosystem operates by imposing a fee on drivers for utilizing their vehicles, generating revenue for the network. Furthermore, territorial partners and power stakers earn TUK tokens with each processed transaction. This scalable approach supports the network’s global expansion and facilitates a shift away from fossil fuels, both locally and globally.

Currently, the TUK token is valued at $0.02475 in the presale, with an anticipated price increase in approximately 2 days. The token has raised over $232,000 in funding so far. Additionally, there is an option for staking, and immediately staking the token after purchase currently offers an APY of 900%.


eTukTuk embodies the pinnacle of decentralized technology – and for a very moral purpose on top of that. With an unwavering dedication to a mission that delivers advantages to all involved parties, the project holds the promise of being a major token within the cryptocurrency industry.

For those who share a passion for environmental betterment and compelling blockchain solutions, it is well worth checking out the TUK presale and the project in general, as well as engaging with it on its social channels.