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Ethereum Kai Cat vs. Solana Uranus – Which Is The Better Buy

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

kai cat vs Solana Uranus

In a recent episode of TheStreet’s popular crypto podcast “Roundtable,” Bitcoin Foundation chairman Brock Pierce made a meme coin recommendation with astronomically low odds of seeing sunlight on the CoinMarketCap rankings: “I’ve been studying and probing the meme ecosystem, and this one just looked like it was irresistible in terms of comedy gold.”

Roundtable anchor Rob Nelson started off the discussion inviting the show’s panelists to shill their favorite altcoin. “Remember, the coin I’m going to mention right now has no utility, serves no purpose, has no value, this is pure entertainment,” Pierce said. That’s what Dogecoin’s first shills said. And Pepe Coin’s. And Shiba Inu’s.

Kai Cat Coin, new on Ethereum this May, could follow a similar pattern.

Solana Uranus’ March ROI Was Out Of This World

Pierce’s meme coin pick for the moment was Uranus (ANUS) on Solana. It has a fully diluted market cap of $8.2 million and a daily volume in the hundreds of thousands.

It erupted in March from a ten thousandth of a penny to $0.002475, but the going exchange rate for Uranus has been dropping since then with the rest of the crypto market.

The fact that this little-known meme coin of a local gas giant can hold market cap and move with the broader cryptocurrency market’s exchange rates shows just how important cryptocurrency is for investors looking to make a quick exit from the inflationary U.S. dollar economy. The USD/Uranus trade netted investors a 448X gain (44,800%) from March 1 – March 31.

“Why am I not shocked that you bought Uranus? Why does that not surprise me?” Nelson said. “Like Brock, I’ve been studying a lot about memes and keeping track of a lot of them,” CryptosRUs podcast host George Tung said, “But the one common denominator is the one chain that supports the most and has the hottest memes is Solana, I would say Solana.”

There’s no doubting Solana’s incredible run for the past 12 months, but Ethereum’s meme coin wars are heating up as well, with the rapid development of meme economies like Pepe Coin and Shiba Inu over the same period.

Why Ethereum Kai Cat Coin Could Be Even Better

Kai Better than Ethereum

Space memes are cute, but cuddly pet memes are even cuter.

They can also be incredibly profitable for investors who pick winning projects’ tokens to purchase and buy before (not after!) they’re over the moon.

It’s better yet to buy while the coins are in their initial coin offering, airdrop, or presale stage and sell for a fixed, low pre-market price that’s fair to all buyers.

Every meme coin in the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap is a cute animal.

Kai Cat Coin, an Ethereum meme coin currently in its presale phase might make a better buy for crypto investors trying to find the next Shiba Inu, Pepe Coin, Floki Inu, or BabyDogeCoin.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.