$ETH Headed for Insane Rally as ETF All But Certain; This ERC-20 Coin Will Pump Hard

Matt Williams
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Solana ($SOL) wore the crown in the last quarter of 2023. Bitcoin ($BTC) has led markets in the first quarter of this year. Naturally, it’s time for a big rotation back into Ethereum ($ETH). Anybody who has looked at the oversized effect of TradFi inflows on $BTC’s price post-approval knows that the ETF trade is the best trade to be in.

Ethereum is headed for an insane rally as the ETF is all but certain. The absolute best cryptocurrencies to buy now are ERC-20 coins. As $ETH surges, wealth will overflow into the ecosystem, and everything under the broad Ethereum umbrella will get repriced. Take Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a new memecoin/P2E hybrid poised to fly. This ERC-20 coin will pump massively and is a great way to gain leveraged exposure to the $ETH ETF trade.

Ethereum ($ETH) Insane ETF Rally Coming

Observe the power of the TradFi bid. Sometimes colloquially referred to as the eternal TWAP, these larger investors and boomers buying $BTC in their standard brokerage accounts are the original DCAers. They do not look at the daily or even the weekly. They simply buy and wait. The amount of capital in TradFi makes crypto market caps look like dust. When this liquidity turns its attention to Ethereum, the fun begins.

Ethereum has the Dencun upgrade coming in March, which will massively increase scalability for rollups. This will bring crypto-natives back to the ecosystem, and then BlackRock will turn on the liquidity tap, and $ETH will start to moon. It has a smaller market cap than $BTC and is deflationary.

TradFi has already seen how rapidly $BTC has rallied, and investors will be queuing to get into the hot ‘New Crypto ETF.’ For crypto natives, it is almost too easy, and $ETH is undoubtedly a top crypto to buy this quarter in the run-up to the approval. As $ETH shoots up in price, its entire ecosystem will undergo a drastic repricing event, and the biggest gainers will be small caps- tokens exactly like Galaxy Fox.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Leading Ethereum Beta

Galaxy Fox has become the leading small-cap Ethereum beta play. An Ethereum beta is a token that performs in alignment with Ethereum but with a multiple. Are you bullish on Ethereum? Buy $GFOX to supercharge your returns. But what is $GFOX leading among the best cryptocurrencies to buy?

This hybrid model integrates a P2E component into a classic memecoin build and has enjoyed tailwinds from the rising speculative appetite for memecoins and the steady growth of the GameFi narrative. The Ethereum Spot ETF inflows will be the icing on the cake, and a 100X target for $GFOX is relatively conservative. Its Web3 runner game is an open platform for global competition, and each season, the top 20% of the leaderboard walk away with prizes. Like any good P2E, it turns gaming skills into cash and additionally acts as a great onramp into the ecosystem.

But where this token shines is its unique design built for value accrual. Staking rewards unlock straightforward passive income for all $GFOX token holders. Tax implementation to fund these payouts means yield on a deflationary asset with no net inflation. The token burn ensures a declining supply of $GFOX, and even the protocol’s Treasury funds community initiatives and marketing efforts to drive growth. Galaxy Fox is a growth bomb waiting to happen, and its 100X forecast for later this year puts it among the top cryptos to buy right now.

Closing Thoughts: ERC-20 Season Starting 

Ethereum is headed for an insane rally, with the ETF almost certain already. Fink has a 575-1 record, and he is a man you do not want to bet against. The $ETH ETF is coming and, along with it, a massive rally for ERC-20 coins. They are the best cryptocurrencies to buy this quarter.

Galaxy Fox is unique given its fledgling market cap, and its upside potential as an $ETH beta in the coming months is almost frightening. Join the presale today and become an early adopter of this small-cap gem!

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