09 Nov 2022 · 3 min read

ESG Investing is on the Rise and This New Crypto Token has Experts Excited – Find Out Why

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New eco-friendly crypto presale project IMPT has investors and experts extremely excited about its protocol - which will help fight global warming by utilizing blockchain technology.

The project is now in stage 2 of its presale after stage 1 raised $11 million in just three weeks, selling out its token allocation four weeks ahead of schedule.

The protocol will transform carbon credits into NFTs, making them fully tradeable on a custom-built marketplace and also help reduce fraudulent activity.

What is ESG Investing?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing is when investors target projects that positively impact the world in one way or another and strive to make it a better place. 

IMPT fits into the category as it is a sustainable and eco-friendly crypto project that will help fight the climate crisis.

Social investing may include projects tackling homelessness, or poverty issues, while governance investing covers issues such as racism or pay inequality in the workplace.

It is an ever-increasing sector for conscious investors who want to use their money to drive positive change locally and globally.

What is IMPT and Carbon Credits?

Carbon credits are permits that allow holders to emit a certain amount of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere in exchange for funding verified conservation projects, offsetting their carbon footprint.

One carbon credit is worth one ton of CO2 and by transforming them into fully tradeable NFTs, IMPT will not only help individuals and businesses increase their carbon-offsetting efforts but cut fraud in the carbon credit market.

Holders can buy, sell, or hold their carbon credit NFTs as long-term investments and also 'retire' them - permanently removing them from the blockchain in exchange for other NFTs.

By housing carbon credits on the blockchain - in an immutable and transparent ledger - fraudulent behavior such as double counting, where two companies claim the use of the same carbon credit, will be more difficult.

While the mandatory carbon market - imposed on companies at the state and government level - is currently worth nearly $300 billion, the voluntary carbon market is worth just $2 billion annually.

However, a Bloomberg report estimates that the sector is set for massive growth in the next decade and could be worth as much as $100 billion in the next decade.

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Earn Carbon Credits While Shopping

As well as making them tradeable, IMPT will also allow its users to earn carbon credit NFTs while doing their usual shopping.

The project has agreed on affiliate partnerships with more than 10,000 retailers to offer IMPT tokens back to shoppers when they make a purchase.

The retailer selects a percentage of the sale to be returned to the shopper in IMPT tokens, which can then be converted to carbon credit NFTs.

This also allows users to make further green choices and improve their carbon-offsetting efforts by shopping with retailers that offer a better margin.

The likes of Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, LEGO, and Macy's are among numerous major brands ot have partnered with IMPT.

IMPT Presale Info

IMPT is currently racing through its ICO and has secured almost $13 million in funding in around a month and is one of the best crypto presales on the market.

The project is currently in stage 2 of 3, with 660 million tokens on sale for $0.23 each. The final stage will see another 540 million tokens sell for $0.028 each - an increase of 22% from the current price and 55% from the stage 1 price.

Investors who wait for stage 3 will buy just 3,571 IMPT tokens with $100 of investment, compared to 4,347 in stage 2.

In total, 1.8 billion (60%) of the max 3 billion supply of tokens is on sale during the presale, with no vesting period.

A further 10% was sold to early adopters in a private sale, with the remaining 30% divided up between the ongoing development of the ecosystem (15%), marketing (10%), and the team (5%).

The developers are doxxed and public-facing and have been KYC-verified by CoinSniper, while the token smart address has been audited by Hacken, making it rug-proof.

More information on IMPT can be found in the whitepaper or on the Telegram group, while interested investors should also read our guide on how to buy IMPT tokens.

IMPT are also running a giveaway where three winners will share $100,000 of IMPT tokens.

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