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EMCD Mining Ecosystem: Annual Report 2021

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

EMCD, one of the leading crypto mining pools, has achieved significant results in user acquisition and general business growth in 2021. The instability of the crypto market as well as the mining industry – consistently shaken by endless regulation restrictions, especially those coming from China – didn’t affect EMCD. Moreover, the company is closing the year out with significant growth among its key metrics.

A comprehensive picture of the year’s results, the EMCD 2021 Closing Report, has been exclusively published on 

While EMCD bases its values around stable workflow and unsurpassed UI, the company proudly reports that in 2021 their users faced no significant issues regarding inaccessibility of services. This zero-incident year culminated in a more than 50k increase in user base, which looks especially solid against the reduction of other major market players.

Growing miner attention to the EMCD product accompanied the mining pool power increase. For instance, the EMCD pool average hashrate for BTC has more than doubled compared to 2020’s stats, demonstrating a 140% growth.

The growth of the rest of the vital metrics kept up with the EMCD hashrate. From the users’ perspective, EMCD has achieved a perfect level of customer support and community development. The latter resulted in more than 343,000 messages left by community members among all EMCD social media channels. Along with this, the company excelled in building a straightforward product UI and knowledge base. Almost 26,000 newcomers onboarded via FAQ act as the best proof. 

The fair and transparent acquisition strategy offered by EMCD also deserves mention. Along with generous discounts for newly adopted users, the team bid on their multi-level referral program, which turned out to be a hit among EMCD clients. Since the recent update came last year, the program allows users to save up to 30% of commission fees, which allowed EMCD referrals to generate over $132,000 in revenue in 2021.

Another point of pride for the team is their state-of-the-art 24/7 support, which has also reached several serious milestones in 2021. This is especially important in terms of significant EMCD user base growth – the company was fully ready to take on the challenge of the rapidly increasing workload with 16,668 customer appeals successfully processed (almost 46 cases resolved daily) and 73,492 messages sent back to users. Closing up the year with an average response time equal to 41 seconds since the ticket was created by the client, the support officers should be justly proud of themselves. 

EMCD also reported a formidable increase in their mobile app activity as a cherry on top. For instance, mobile users alone checked the current EMCD hashrate over 2,000,000 times via their devices. The team backing the project sees a large prospect for further mobile infrastructure development, with big plans for the continuous growth of this segment in 2022.

Product-wise, EMCD showed good traction in terms of ecosystem development. With two more products released in 2021 – Coinhold and Invest – EMCD strives to become much more than a mining pool in its traditional meaning.  Both products mentioned serve as valuable editions to the EMCD ecosystem. While Coinhold acts as a reliable investment tool accessing the passive income up to 6% APR, Invest is a comprehensive service for those looking to invest in mining equipment with no struggling maintenance. With an average pay-back period of 9 months and a 90% yield, Invest stands out as one of the most well-established and profitable market products.

In light of the upcoming year, the EMCD team looks ahead with optimism and confidence to 2022. Despite the continuous market shakes, EMCD sees a clear sky for the project’s further development due to the clear strategy and wise decisions made for mining infrastructure optimization. Along with other ambitious plans, the EMCD team will release a fiat withdrawal option. With this long-awaited feature onboard, the company plans to strengthen its already leading positions on the crypto market. 

EMCD warmly welcomes all mining masters and newbies to assess the benefits of working with a reliable, well-established pool in the upcoming year. Therefore, in addition to the already existing, highly competitive terms, EMCD is also offering 30% commissions off by using the NEWYEAR22 promo code or the link. The welcome discount is valid for the next 90 days since registration.