12 Apr 2022 · 3 min read

$Elite: The Token Behind Gianluca Vacchi and Mario Colabufo

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

NFTs are the talk of the town. Every industry is now getting into the NFT bandwagon with its own utility version. These digital assets are booming in a way unimaginable with their individual valuations reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to Chainalysis, the value of NFT markets and collections has increased from USD 106 million in 2020 to USD 44.2 billion in 2021. From entertainment to fashion, every industry is embracing NFTs as a tool to benefit users. 

Moreover, hundreds of new NFT projects are emerging every month with their own use cases to solve real-world problems. The same has been the goal of elimobile, a telecommunication and a social NFT platform that is creating a wide range of blockchain ecosystems. elimobile is creating an ecosystem characterized by the merging of the mobile industry, social media, NFT Marketplace, metaverse, influencer communication, and play-to-earn.

It aims to build a robust Web3 ecosystem powered by $Elite tokens. The goal with this is to create a wide range of utilities that will serve users within the ecosystem. Furthermore, the platform’s mission is to create an Elite and solid community that can access its blockchain services in a simple and fun way.

Building an All in One Blockchain Ecosystem

To combine the service of a telephone company and the features of a social network with blockchain technology, elimobile has come up with an ecosystem powered by $Elite, the first token in the telco market. This innovative ecosystem combines the services of a mobile operator with an NFT Marketplace for the social network, generating transactions between users and giving value and stability to the token.

This ecosystem of features will enable users to enjoy digital entertainment, watch films, attend masterclasses and meet their favorite influencers, with the fastest connection and the lowest price, all paid for in the $Elite cryptocurrency. However, the components of the ecosystem are divided into three categories all of which are interconnected to each other. 

The first is the NFTs, where the ownership of the NFT allows for a passive gain on all the views gained by the content.  Through the purchase of NFTs, creators can monetize the emotional connection between fans, creators, and influencers on the social network, thus engaging users and the entire community.

The second component is influencers, who may expand their revenue by selling various items and services on Elisium, Eli Mobile's NFT marketplace. In addition to the possibility of earning money from the sale of content published on Elisium, influencers are paid in tokens and can sell them at predetermined intervals to maximize profits.

Lastly, the users component, where they earn rewards for engaging with the content. The daily active time and comments are an integral part that calculates rewards for the users. The more active the community, the more users and creators benefit. Loyalty is another key factor that can help users earn massive rewards within the ecosystem. 

$Elite: The Backbone Powering Eli Mobile

$Élite token is the official utility token of the platform that is based on the Polygon chain with ERC 20 and Binance bridges. The aim of the $Elite token is to incentivize users to participate and interact with Elisium and its Marketplace. As an additional utility, $Elite has signed various collaborations to become the official token of both Play to Earn and Metaverses. 

Moreover, the platform has solid ambassadors who are some of the world’s most prominent personalities, including Italian entrepreneur and social media sensation Gianluca Vacchi, international model and influencer Sharon Fonseca and other celebrities from the music and sports sectors. While these are the initial people backing the project, there are plans to introduce many more celebrities as a part of $Elite.

Bridging Telecom and Blockchain

Elimobile is the first Telco to officially include blockchain in its structure. Its aim is to combine the telephone operator with a community populated by national and international celebrities. Moreover, its mission is to create a true economic system that combines telco services with crypto, generating exchanges between users and transactions for the purchase of NFTs as well as telephone goods and services, increasing the value and providing stability to the company’s token.

Ultimately, it intends to establish $Elite as a relevant token within the blockchain landscape, combining present, past and future in one project.