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Elite Mining partners with Entoro as their broker-dealer

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Elite Mining Inc is happy to announce Entoro Capital (Entoro) as its official broker-dealer partner for its for its Series A equity funding round through a Digital Security Offering.

Elite Mining is a Washington state based crypto mining operation that has been operating since early 2018. Elite Mining focuses mainly on cryptocurrency mining and running nodes. Financially, and more plainly, EMI will identify potential opportunities, deploy capital, and earn a return on capital deployed from blockchain networks.

After a successful seed round and current growth, the company is looking to expand its operations by raising capital in a Series A equity funding round through a Digital Security Offering. This capital will be used to fuel further growth and offers investors an opportunity to become equity shareholders.

Entoro is an investment bank that is a known and trusted licensed broker-dealer that has extensive experience raising capital on a global scale. Based in Houston, Texas it has established itself as a leader in the digital securities space. They provide advice and services to a wide range of established and growth-oriented businesses around the world; they work towards a vertically integrated broker-dealer service complete with technical solutions and an ATS. In addition to extensive experience with investment banking, equities and other services in the ‘traditional banking’ sector, Entoro also has experience with digital securities projects and has been part of several successful raises in the past that cumulatively raised $54 million.

Partnering with Entoro as a licensed broker-dealer serves an essential purpose allowing Elite Mining the opportunity to attract a diverse investor base across the globe. A broker-dealer can trade securities on behalf of others while being compliant. It is a perfect example of how the old methods of a broker-dealer and the new ways of security tokens can complement each other. Finally, Entoro will make sure investors all over the world can safely and securely invest in Elite Mining using most major fiat.