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Electric Vehicle Charging Will Never Be the Same Thanks to This New Crypto – Here’s Why

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The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is expanding tremendously as it poses a great option to use eco-friendly batteries. To further simplify the EV ecosystem, C+Charge, a versatile blockchain project, now offers EV drivers a transparent payment system and an innovative app to control their entire EV experience. 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Ecosystem: The Needle Eye Experience 

The electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem is going on overdrive due to many automakers committing to featuring electrical attributes in their up-and-coming vehicle designs over the coming years. The shift to the EV ecosystem is now evident in SUVs, sedans, trucks, minivans, and sports cars. 

One of the key benefits of electric vehicles is their affordability. Drivers can now purchase their preferred EV cars and eliminate the need to buy gas, which is especially important given the disruptions in energy supplies and rising gas prices. Other advantages of EVs include their low maintenance cost compared to other gas-powered competitors, fast acceleration, smooth ride, and positive environmental impact, making them appealing.  

As the issue of climate change continues to be raised, the adoption of electric vehicles is poised to play an integral role in reducing carbon emissions dangerous to humans and the world. With the growing awareness of environmental benefits and driving convenience, electric vehicles quickly gain trust and popularity among drivers. 

Major Setback 

Although electric vehicles incorporate a long list of stellar attributes, their adoption has been relatively stunted. One of the most significant reasons that propel EV growth is “range anxiety.” This refers to the fear of electric vehicle drivers running out of power before reaching an EV charge station or destination. 

As EV vehicles are produced, charging infrastructures and payment methods are yet to catch up, which is a major setback in the EV ecosystem. Users can’t easily access charging stations or tell which ones are functioning, how much the charge will cost, and a payment method – these are significant and becoming a major concern for potential EV owners. This is where EV solutions like C+Charge come in. 

The Advent of C+Charge: A Versatile Solution to EV challenges 

C+Charge is an innovative decentralized platform that aims to build a robust peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system for electric vehicles (EV) charging stations built on sophisticated blockchain technology. 

The EV-charging payment solution is powered by a versatile app that connects EV owners with several functional charging networks. This makes it easy for users to locate and schedule charging times. Users are also provided electronic wallets, which they can use to pay for EV charging costs with the platform’s utility token, $CCHG, within the app. 

The C+Charge application also offers real-time tracking of available charging stations, transparent pricing, and trip planning and mitigates additional costs for EV owners and stations. 

Besides smooth payment and convenience, C+Charge focuses on standard sustainability by providing carbon credits via tokenized Goodness Nature Token ($GNT) through its partnership with Flowcarbon. Rewards are also shared with EV drivers in the form of sustainable cryptocurrency. 

To further disrupt the EV charging medieval functionality, the C+Charge crypto project helps EV businesses track energy consumption, which allows drivers to charge costs transparently and incentivizes more businesses to build proper charging infrastructures globally. 

The P2P project caters to all EV charging experiences by facilitating effortless and transparent costs, rewarding users, and providing an impressive eco-solution in the form of carbon credits earned by drivers and $CCHG holders on the network.

Since the advent of C+Charge, the EV solution project is poised to take EV charging and payment to the next level and, at the same time, fight against climate change by facilitating the green mobility revolution. 

Investing in $CCGH: The Fastest Rising Token Right Now

C+Charge native token, $CCGH, is used to pay for the electric (EV) charging and powers other transactions on the network. The fast-paced digital asset is on presale, with the tokens currently worth $0.013 for 1 $CCGH. 

The project has recorded an impressive start to the presale, with over $562,000 raised in investment. As the presale continues, the probe of the digital token will increase across three press stages and conclude at a final price of $0.02350 per token. 

To purchase, visit the C+Charge website and navigate to the presale section at the top-middle corner, link a wallet to the platform (MetaMask and Wallet Connect are supported), and purchase the $CCGH token instantly. 

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