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Electric Vehicle Charging Solution That Utilizes Crypto Payments Collects Over $470,000 in Presale – Position Yourself in a Future-Proof Project

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 2 min read

C+Charge is developing a robust peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system for electric vehicle charging stations. With this system, users can get electronic wallets to store the blockchain network’s token CCHG, which can be used in settling electric vehicle (EV) charging fees in these eco-friendly stations.

However, that is only part of what the C+Charge project brings to the table. The blockchain project also provides an easy way for EV owners to directly access carbon credits via its system. This way, users can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their daily activities and vehicle use.

CCHG has garnered over $487,000 in weeks, and this is the time to get in.

Be Part of a Greener Future 

Unveiled in 2022, C+Charge offers a simple way for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners to charge their vehicles and earn rewards. 

The platform’s developers are looking to fill a major gap in the EV industry. While these vehicles are currently the market standard, there appears to be inefficiency in infrastructure. Charging stations are ineffective because they are still insufficient compared to the number of vehicles available. Similarly, the fact that many of these stations are powered by fossil fuels calls into question their environmental friendliness.

With C+Charge, users can easily pay for charging their vehicles. The platform’s CCHG token allows them to make payments privately and transparently.

C+Charge also offers a mobile app where users can process transactions and view their balances. Using the mobile app, users can find nearby charging stations without stress and avoid becoming stranded. The app also allows users to conduct diagnoses on their cars, determining which parts require additional work and which should be replaced entirely.

Another significant way C+Charge intends to shape the industry is by providing carbon credits to EV owners. The platform automatically transfers carbon credits to car owners who pay for charging with CCHG, ensuring they receive proper rewards. These credits will take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which users can sell or trade as they see fit.

Over the years, carbon credits have usually been only available to corporations and high-net-worth individuals. While the industry is valued at billions of dollars, this restrictive access means that carbon credits have never been able to live up to their potential. C+Charge is looking to change that. 

The CCHG Token 

At the center of C+Charge’s operation is CCHG – the platform’s native token. The digital asset, which operates on the BNB Smart Chain, is currently one of the hottest new coins on the market.

CCHG is used to pay for EV charging via the C+Charge mobile app. It is also a means of obtaining carbon credits as an incentive. The asset is deflationary, and units are removed from circulation as more of it is used for payments.

CCHG is currently available for presale and has raised over $487,000, demonstrating massive investor interest.

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