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Earn Money and Spend Time on Social Media with Blockchain

Last updated: | 2 min read

If your biggest weakness is procrastinating by scrolling through social media instead of working but you’re really into crypto, you may be in luck. Business.Club offers you the best of both worlds: a social network connecting you to like-minded people, a crypto wallet that generates passive revenue, and crypto cards issued by Visa – and these are only some of the perks you get when you’re part of the community.

When someone mentions “earning money with cryptocurrencies,” most people immediately tend to think of crypto trading in its many forms – simple buying low and selling high, shorting, options, etc. However, many agree that if you don’t have experience trading, it can be hard to get into it, not to mention how high the stakes can be. Business.Club offers an alternative, innovative way to earn income without exposing yourself to the unpredictability of the open crypto space: its Active Wallet and native BCT token, that guarantee the more BCT you have, the more you will gain daily as well as monthly.

The social network run by Business.Club is everything you want a social network to be and more. Aside from offering services such as video transmission, encrypted chat and cloud services, you are also able to send BCT to other users, as well as receive it. If you choose to hoard your BCT in your Active Wallet you will receive passive income as we mentioned – but you don’t have to do anything you would rather not, so you will also have the chance to spend the tokens on a smart store within the social network. Want to reach more users? Pay for sponsored content, or even pay to advertise your business or venture to people who may be interested.

For the payments you’re interested in that go beyond the social network, Business.Club also offers payment cards as a convenient fusion of traditional and blockchain-based finance. Ranging from a basic, Leaf Green Plastic card available to all customers to a Space Black Metal card for their VIPs with a BCT stake of 50,000 or above, all cards offer a cashback percentage depending on their level, as well as unlimited account top-ups and in-app exchanges.

And if you’re looking to store your data somewhere, Business.Club once again has your back. The project also offers cloud storage that can be increased up to an incredible 2 TB. If you’re unsure how much storage space you’ll need, there’s no need to decide without checking for yourself, as they also offer the possibility of gradually expanding your storage space until you hit that sweet spot.

Do you still need a push to convince you to join Business.Club? Don’t worry, the benefits are great, and the company is growing and is looking to reach as many people as possible – a whopping million in one year, for example. Being an early adopter means you’ll be part of that growth and help drive it forward, while also reaping the rewards from your Active Wallet.

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Registration number: 161128601154