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Earn Crypto for Recycling with This New Crypto Startup – Billion Dollar Opportunity?

Simon Chandler
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source: Ecoterra

Ecoterra has launched the presale for its native ECOTERRA token, with the recycle-to-earn platform aiming to raise a total of $6.7 million before the coin lists on exchanges.

The sale will have nine stages in total, with the first and current stage offering ECOTERRA at a hugely discounted price of $0.004.

This provides early investors with the opportunity to book some big profits, with Ecoterra’s status as crypto’s first-ever recycle-to-earn platform potentially putting in a prime position to corner a significant chunk of the market.

Earn Crypto for Recycling with This New Crypto Startup – Billion Dollar Opportunity?

Running on the Ethereum blockchain, Ecoterra’s platform has a simple premise: earn rewards for recycling.

By recycling items at designated reverse vending machines (which accept recyclables), and by registering the items via its app, Ecoterra will reward its users with ECOTERRA.

ECOTERRA will also be usable for staking, thereby earning their holders a passive yield.

In addition, a big part of the Ecoterra platform will be its marketplace for carbon credits.

This can be purchased using ECOTERRA and can earn users non-fungible tokens as rewards,

Taken together, such financial rewards are likely to incentivize greater recycling among consumers, with Ecoterra noting in its whitepaper that only 29% and 9% of waste materials are recycled in high-income and low-income countries, respectively.

Not only will users of the Ecoterra be able to recycle various items at reverse vending machines (RVMs), but the platform is set to agree on partnerships with a variety of retailers, at which users will also be able to recycle their unwanted clothing.

This will provide yet another potential source of ECOTERRA-based rewards, with users also able to use their tokens to gain access to educational content and materials, something which can guide them on how best to positively impact the environment.

Presale Gains

Interested investors can participate in the platform’s presale by heading over to the Ecoterra website.

From there, they can purchase ECOTERRA with USDT, ETH or their credit card.

As stated above, the current sale price of ECOTERRA is $0.004, although this will rise with each successive stage of the token offering.

ECOTERRA’s tokenomics. Source: Ecoterra

By the ninth (and final) stage, one ECOTERRA token will cost $0.01, representing a big 150% increase compared to its initial sale price.

This means that the earliest investors really could be on course to make some sizeable profits when the token lists on exchanges.

In terms of its roadmap, the next phases will include the development of the Ecoterra platform and the agreement of partnerships with various organizations and companies.

Source: Ecoterra

While there’s no fixed end date for the sale, the roadmap above suggests that exchange listings will arrive in the fourth quarter of the year.

And when ECOTERRA does list, it could be in for some big gains, judging by recent presales.

For instance, Tamadoge (TAMA) rose by as much as 1,800% compared to its initial presale price when it was listed on OKX last October. 

Even more impressively, Lucky Block (LBLOCK) rose last year by over 6,000% compared to its opening sale price of $0.00015, underlining the kinds of gains that could be in store for LHINU.

These are two of the most successful presales in recent memory, yet with a very innovative and interesting model, Ecoterra has set itself up nicely for similar success.

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