Dtec Token Project Raises $1.3 Million In Seed Round Funding

“DtecA” software, an artificial intelligence driving assistant operating in the automotive industry, and its token Dtec have received an investment of 1.3 million dollars in the first seed financing round.

Developed since 2017, DtecA had previously received an award from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and a grant from the Turkish Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization.

DtecA and the Dtec token were announced at an event on September 15, 2023. At the event, it was stated that blockchain technology will be used to increase the data sources that feed the artificial intelligence of the software and to establish a system that creates an income model for its users.

The collected investment is held as stablecoin

In the intervening two and a half months, the Dtec project announced that it has raised 1.3 million dollars in investment and that this amount is held transparently on the blockchain network as a stablecoin.

“DtecA software has already been purchased and deployed for many VIP vehicles. We have added a charging station for electric vehicles to our ecosystem and started production. The ready products, the investments we have received and the partnership offers from well-known companies in the automotive industry completely differentiate DtecA software and Dtec token from other cryptocurrency projects. After the New Year, we will go to the seed investment round for the second and last time and then we will move to the pre-sale phase.”

Dtec’s team also stands out with its economists. Erkin Şahinöz, a former FED analyst, Tuncay Yıldıran, former Head of Department at the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK) (similar to the U.S. SEC), Şant Manukyan, Global Markets Director at IS Investment and Emre İşlek, a well-known web3 economist and crypto influencer in Turkey.

The first airdrop campaign of the Dtec token, whose audit process has been completed by Certik, will start next week.

For more information: Dtec.space


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