09 Sep 2021 · 3 min read

Drops Allows NFT Holders and DeFi Traders Consistent Returns on Digital Assets Holdings

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The NFT and DeFi space are growing at an exponential rate. Recently, Piplsay Research had revealed that around 18% of Americans had invested in NFTs, and even though the report was factually inaccurate, it does highlight an important emerging trend. Professional athletes and celebrities across the globe have expressed considerable interest in getting involved with NFTs by issuing their own unique versions.

Many industry experts are now recommending that investors consider gaining exposure to the non-fungible tokens space. NFT and DeFi asset holders who have already acquired NFTs might now be looking for ways to put their parked assets to work. These investors might be looking to make solid returns without having to sell their holdings. Meanwhile, other investors or traders might be wanting to leverage their assets as collateral.

It’s worth noting, however, that just like the traditional arts or collectibles markets, the current NFT ecosystem may lack sufficient liquidity. This may be concerning for investors that want to use their assets to enter arbitrage opportunities, or acquire other assets with strong upside potential.

Experienced traders may also be looking to avoid margin calls on their collateralized debt positions. This approach may also help with adding to the price appreciation, thus helping to increase a trader’s returns in their investments.

As the NFT market continues to grow at a rapid pace, it will require scalable platforms for offering quick loans for NFTs and DeFi-related assets. Investors need reliable ways to leverage out of their digital asset holdings for loans and to enter lucrative yield farming positions.

Putting Idle Assets to Work to Make Sizable Profits

Decentralized Loan and Burrow protocol Drops has been introduced to allow investors to get considerable value from their idle NFT and DeFi-related assets. Drops can help traders with putting their unproductive DeFi and NFT portfolio to work by using its platform to borrow funds or earn steady returns by lending assets to other platform users.

Drops lets traders easily borrow against their DeFi and NFT tokens. This strategy can help with reducing the opportunity cost of holding onto governance or liquidity tokens by using them as collateral and making decent returns and special rewards on short-term loans.

NFTs may also be used for loans. For example, traders may use their non-fungible tokens as collateral and obtain a “trustless” loan. The funding may be obtained without having to contact a  lender or having to wait for a lengthy loan approval process, since these are “permissionless” NFT Lending Pools.

Additionally, Drops lets investors turn their parked or unproductive assets into “active” yield. Idle assets are quite often lost opportunities. With Drops, however, investors can potentially get a lot  more value from their investments by providing different stablecoins and governance tokens to fungible or NFT lending pools in exchange for consistent returns and incentives.

The Drops team explains that you have the option to create or participate in an existing pool. When traders take part in these lending pools that satisfy their particular requirements and terms or they create one by choosing which NFTs they’d like to accept along with the amounts that they want to be borrowed against them.

The Drops website also mentions that traders can earn steady returns on their crypto holdings and NFT assets by choosing a lending pool that suits their needs and by offering liquidity.

Acquiring “Permissionless” Loans via Lending Pools

Drops also allows investors to use supported NFTs as collateral to borrow up to 80% of the value of their asset (determined according to floor price) and get a quick  “permissionless” loan through the Drops lending pool.

Drops aims to make it easier to use NFTs to borrow and generate sizable returns. With “financial” NFTs set to become an established leader in the crypto space, the Drops platform has been designed to take advantage of this trend by “supporting a rapidly-growing list of tokens.”

If you’re looking to generate steady returns on the liquidity of future positions, insurance, bonds, or real-world assets, Drops could be a useful platform for your requirements. You might also turn your passion for gaming into real-world loans and returns by borrowing using your gaming-related NFTs.

Drops’ list reportedly includes widely-used tokens such as digital real estate, rare items, in-game tokens, and gaming platform utility tokens. If you’re an active digital collector, Drops could provide an attractive opportunity to turn parked assets into consistent or regular income, and help with making returns when your collection isn’t on display, and improve cash flow with fast loans.