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Dreamr Announces Platform Governance Token (DMR), Taps Delchain as Strategic Blockchain Advisor.

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Nassau, Bahamas – April 5th, 2021

Dreamr* – a social media and blockchain startup has announced today that it has tapped the respected digital asset and blockchain firm — Delchain, to advise on the launch and rollout of its Dreamr Platform Governance Token (DMR).

In addition, Dreamr has also announced the release of an update today to its iOS and Android mobile apps that fully integrates the DMR platform token into the user interface. The update allows users to start earning tokens immediately through its in-app rewards program, called Giving Dreams Power.

To date, Dreamr has been relatively quiet about its plans in the blockchain arena, but behind the scenes the team has been actively working on blockchain integration within its mobile app, and the launch of DMR governance. Every Dreamr account registered since the platform’s launch in September, 2020 has its own unique Ethereum address. However, through this update users will be informed of that fact for the first time.

Also being released for the first time publicly, is the dreamr white paper, detailing the platform’s plans for further blockchain development and the innovative Fintech products planned for its ecosystem.

The Dreamr platform reports just over 20,000 active users to date, and will be giving a bonus of 800 DMR tokens to members of its community who have registered on the app and declared a dream prior to midnight UTC on April 6th, 2021.

The Dreamr Governance token is an integral part of the broader Dreamr ecosystem we are building, because it allows token holders to vote on changes to our roadmap and platform policies. I’m excited to start involving our passionate community of dreamrs in the long-term development of the platform,” CEO of Dreamr Labs Chris Adams said.

Through the advisory partnership with Delchain, Dreamr* will get the benefit of leveraging the firm’s expertise in the blockchain space for strategic partnerships, the creation of its own DeFi products, and Delchain will help the team navigate the creation of secondary markets.

We are thrilled to be working with Delchain across all of our blockchain initiatives and products, they are the best in the business and they are also a great partner, with services like cold storage custody for our digital assets,” CTO of Dreamr Labs Ashish Bagrecha said. “Delchain will be assisting us with listings for the DMR token on major exchanges, both centralized and DeFi.”

The Dream Machine Foundation, The Dreamr Ecosystem’s philanthropic arm, is also experiencing a wave of success with The Dream Machine Tour – a give-back initiative led by Dreamr’s Chief Dream Officer and foundation Chief Executive, Charlie Jabaley. The foundation began in May 2020 during the height of the pandemic and since then, high profile contributions were donated from major brands and celebrities alike. This included a large donation of cash and games by Hasbro. Also, Bam Adebayo from the Miami Heat supported the foundation through collaborating on a give-back project. Media and content from the tour has generated over 100M views across social media channels in the last 60 days, and just announced an original content show on Snapchat. Talks with big brands for philanthropic collaborations during the next Dream Machine Tour are already in motion and will officially kick off on July 04, 2021.

Dreamr* is allocating 33% of the DMR token supply to the Dreamr community, which will be distributed over time through the Dreamr app’s rewards program, and will be overseen by The Dream Machine Foundation.

*Solely the Bahamas sister company Dreamr Labs Ltd. has engaged Delchain and is in the transactional process described herein above. For any questions about the structure please reference the dreamr white paper or contact our GC at [email protected]

About Dreamr:

The Dreamr Ecosystem (“Dreamr”) encompasses a conglomerati of entities and organizations working harmoniously to build innovative products and produce top-quality content around the core premises of; the psychology of goal achievement, unity over separation, and leveraging technology to make practical the pursuit of one’s dreams. Dreamr comprises a digital platform, the dreamr app, as well as physical components like The Dream Machine Tour, which leverage the app’s community to produce real world events and media. Dreamr has a core philosophy of delivering its community value first, and utilizes giving back as a practical model to create value through its philanthropic arm, The Dream Machine Foundation.

About Delchain Limited:

Delchain Limited (Delchain) is a licensed Financial Corporate Service Provider, regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas with offices in The Bahamas and Singapore. Delchain, which is a part of the Deltec International Group, provides a full suite of financial services to support blockchain institutions and high net worth clients, including: Fiat banking, Capital markets, Advisory, Staking, and Digital asset custody.

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