Dr. Gavin Wood reveals roadmap and vision for JAM, the successor of the Polkadot Relay Chain, at sub0 Asia developer conference


Bangkok, Thailand – April 2nd, 2024 – Developers of Polkadot, the blockspace ecosystem for boundless innovation, learned of a paradigm shift in the ecosystem – the JAM (Join-Accumulate Machine) chain, the successor of the Polkadot Relay Chain, which will provide multi-core computing and support for hundreds of chains. The plans were unveiled in Bangkok at sub0 Asia, the Polkadot Developer Conference, by Dr. Gavin Wood, Founder of Polkadot and Chief Architect at Parity Technologies.

In a keynote address, Wood explained how the current architecture of the Relay Chain is holding back the ecosystem and may hinder the achievement of further breakthroughs. Thus, an alternative architecture is required if Polkadot is to truly achieve its aims as an ecosystem. Wood laid out the vision and roadmap for the JAM chain which will act as the alternative to the current Relay Chain.  

Positioned as a “decentralized global computer”, the JAM chain is designed to be more flexible than Polkadot’s Relay Chain processing work from actors like parachains, smart contracts. Leveraging simple PolkaVM architechture, the JAM chain will lay the base for transactionless execution, and complex crosschain operations performed in a single transaction. For a full technical breakdown, watch the full keynote here.

sub0 Asia saw over 60 ecosystem teams within the Polkadot community from all over the globe, participating by speaking or showcasing their latest tech in a designated demo station area.

Pauline Cohen Vorms, Head of Polkadot Blockchain Academy, said: sub0 is where Web3 innovators and visionary builders come together to work on groundbreaking ideas, and collectively stay ahead of the curve. This spirit was on full display across the event, as dozens of teams from around the globe descended on the conference to showcase their work, share their knowledge, learn from one another and lay out their vision for the future. Bangkok provided the perfect location, as APAC continues to rapidly emerge as a hotbed of developer talent, and by harnessing this potential, we can continue to push the boundaries of the Web3 space together.”

sub0 is the focal point for Web3 innovators and developers building at every level of the Polkadot tech stack, from custom layer-1 blockchains to dapps and smart contracts, infrastructure, tooling, cross-chain interoperability solutions, and more. For information on future events and updates, follow @Polkadotsub0 on X or visit events.polkadot.network/c/portal.


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