Don’t Miss Donk.Meme The Next $BONK Memecoin


On Solana Inspired By Shrek

In the electrifying world of Solana meme coins, where projects like Book of Memes $BOME has skyrocketed to billion-dollar valuations overnight, a new contender steps into the arena: Donk.MEME

Donk.MEME, drawing inspiration from Shrek’s beloved donkey, is ready to become Solana’s next big meme mascot and steal the hearts of crypto enthusiasts globally.

The $DONKM token presale is your ticket to the ground floor of what’s poised to be a meme coin phenomenon, with 70% of tokens allocated to the public sale.

The presale, lasting 21 days with no minimum or maximum buy limits, promises an equal opportunity for all to get in early.

Following the presale, $DONKM will hit Raydium, Solana’s leading DEX, paired with SOL to kickstart its journey to meme coin stardom.

Don’t Miss Out On Donk.Meme Presale

Join our community on Telegram and Discord for all the latest updates on the $DONKM presale, launching this Friday, March 22nd, 2024.

With a limited presale offering and plans to list at 1.5X price increase on Raydium, $DONKM is not just a token—it’s your next crypto moonshot.

As we’ve seen with predecessors like $WIF and $BONK, early adopters reap the rewards.

Don’t let $DONKM be the one that got away.

The presale is your chance to be part of the meme coin revolution, with $DONKM setting its sights on major exchange listings following its explosive entry. 

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