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Dominique Pon Joins the Ternoa Adventure!

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Few people know it, but one of the first supporters and important figures of the Ternoa blockchain is none other than Dominique Pon: General Director of the Pasteur Clinic in Toulouse, ministerial official in charge of digital health, and also creator of the Eternesia project. Why such a connection between this man and the project? We will explain this in this article.

The connection between Ternoa and Dominique Pon may seem surprising, even incomprehensible, yet it actually is quite logical and promising. Beyond his ministerial responsibilities, the man dreams of offering the possibility of leaving an indelible mark on future generations.

Dominique Pon
Dominique Pon
General Manager of the Pasteur clinic in Toulouse
Ministerial responsible for digital health
Founder of Eternesia

There were the prehistoric paintings, there were the hieroglyphs, there were the drawings and the writings. All of these methods had a purpose: to allow the next generation to understand what life was like, what the habits were, and to tell a story. Now imagine being able to tell your memories, in audio or written format, and make sure that your children, grandchildren and descendants in general can hear your voice, know your life and get a glimpse of what your world is like. But, taking it a step further, addressing the unknowns that will come after us is just as interesting: with Dominique Pon being in the medical field, the possibility of being able to reveal current methods of care and surgery to our successors just makes sense…

This dream takes form in the Eternesia project, which is described as humanistic and aims to allow everyone to ensure the transmission of memories and memorabilia, without a time limit. Are you starting to see the correlation with the Ternoa blockchain?

Digital memories, eternal memories, everlasting traces. Dominique Pon clearly understands the stakes and possibilities offered by the technologies available to us. And it is through blockchain technology that this timelessness can be achieved, ensuring transmission despite the passage of time, while securing the data. This is where the Ternoa project comes in: with its technology for transmitting and securing data, the French company is in the best position to bring man’s ambition to life. To do so, Ternoa would like to offer Dominique Pon the possibility to create a dApp that would use the Ternoa blockchain, and thus achieve this sweet dream and share it with everyone.

Ternoa and Eternesia, a common ambition to transmit the present and change the future.

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