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Dogecoin Shrinking, TOADS Rising As DigiToads Presale Dominate Social Media

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In terms of market capitalization, Dogecoin is among the Top 10 cryptocurrencies in July. 

The meme coin was one of the first meme-inspired cryptocurrencies and even after many years, it has managed to retain its position as one of the top crypto coins. 

However, in the recent past, it has been facing negative price action which has hampered its popularity. 

At the same time, another meme coin that has been making steady strides with its presale success is DigiToads (TOADS)

The Ethereum-based meme coin is built on a hybrid DeFi framework that gives it an edge over many other popular altcoins.

DigiToads: Boosting Growth with Hybrid DeFi Ecosystem

DigiToads is one of the best crypto investments of 2023 as the hybrid DeFi platform has been making waves with its state-of-the-art features. 

What makes it unique is its multifaceted nature that amalgamates the features of different cryptocurrencies. 

So, one can stake, trade, play Web3 games, enter trading competitions and even get rewarded for engaging with the platform. 

Making all this possible is DigiToads' native token TOADS. The ERC-20 token is used for all transactions in the DigiToads ecosystem.

The token can be bought on presale, though if you are interested you might have to hurry up as the presale process is already in its penultimate stage. 

So far, the DigiToads project has collected more than $6 million in presale funding.

One of the features that makes DigiToads a good crypto to buy is its play-to-earn game where players get chances to participate throughout the year as the game has month-long seasons. 

Players who are among the top scorers of the season are rewarded with TOADS tokens. 

To win these rewards, players have to compete in a Metaverse swamp where they can seek help from a special breed of virtual creatures called DigiToads.

These creatures can turn the tables in any game as they have special abilities and unmatched strength.

The game also has potions, food, and training equipment that players can buy for their DigiToad. 

The tokens collected through the sale of all these items are used for maintaining the prize pool for the game.

Another feature that you can explore in DigiToads is its trading competitions. In these monthly contests, participants try to book the highest trading volume in a month. 

Apart from getting a share in the profits, the winners also get to learn about treasury management from the DigiToads team. 

The winners of trading competitions train under the DigiToads team for a brief period. After they learn the skills, they help the team in managing the treasury.

The DigiToads team is working on multiple upcoming projects that will ramp up the DigiToads reach and benefit its community members. 

One of these projects is the TOADS School where NFT owners will be able to attend educative sessions on cryptocurrencies. 

Another project that is in the works is DigiToads' official merchandise range.

The tokens collected from the sale of the merchandise will be donated.

What are Analysts Saying about Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a leading meme coin that has enjoyed the patronage of celebrities like Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

It's inspired by memes based on a Japanese dog breed and is among the most-traded cryptocurrencies in the world. 

Its native token is DOGE and it is powered by Ethereum's ERC-20 protocol.

Apart from DOGE, the Dogecoin team has released two other tokens – BONE and LEASH. 

Being one of the first meme coins to have been released in the world, Dogecoin can be credited for laying the foundation of the meme coin culture.

Despite its popularity over the years, Dogecoin's market performance has been tepid at best in recent. 

Going by the market indicators, analysts feel that bears are likely to dominate the market for the DOGE token over the next few months.


If you are looking for the best altcoins to buy now, an important factor to consider is its growth potential.

According to many analysts, between Dogecoin and DigiToads, the latter has higher growth potential as it enables its users to earn through multiple options.

With its decentralized governance system, DigiToads takes its users along its growth journey and gives them the freedom to voice their concerns. 

It also incentivized its community members for their active participation, which encourages users to engage with its features. 

Head over to the presale and experience the features of this revolutionary new cryptocurrency.

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