30 Jan 2023 · 2 min read

Discovering a New World: Immutable-X powered MMORPG Search For Animera launches Distinctive Whitelisting Experience - Program-X

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Search For Animera is a next-generation AAA interplanetary conquest and exploration MMORPG. Set in a far away galaxy, the game twists a cosmic tale of exploration, conquest, and colonisation of unique planets, new life forms, and immense resources - all presented within a graphically-superior, highly engaging game-play. 

Within Animera’s outlandish universe, players will navigate the challenges of epic inter-species battles set in the fictional Nubera galaxy and trade within a thriving game economy in an ever-expanding sandbox - all whilst teleporting into deep space and immersing themselves in a mixture of procedurally generated and handcrafted worlds. The game is set to have three distinct game modes to choose from, each catered to a different gamer persona:

Being NFT-driven, the project has launched Phase-I of its unique whitelisting process, Program-X, via its official Discord Server. An engaging yet selective application process that determines user-eligibility for the project’s upcoming Genesis Character NFT Collection, the goal of Program-X is to “onboard quality and long-term players and contributors - including gaming guilds, influencers, DAOs, and NFT enthusiasts, onto the project.” 

Search For Animera has also recently announced their plan to build on ImmutableX, the go-to blockchain network for building and scaling Web3 games on Ethereum. With this collaboration, Search For Animera will ensure that players enjoy the convenience of high-speed transactions and zero gas fee minting and trading combined with the robustness of Ethereum’s native security, in addition to targeting the wider Web2 gaming market via ImmutableX’s MagicLink tool to allow seamless onboarding of crypto-nascent gamers by offering a much simpler UX - users can initiate gameplay by simply logging into their game client, whilst the tool automatically creates a fully integrated, non-custodial web3 wallet for them. 

The project has also partnered up with over 20 web3 organisations including the likes of Chainlink’s VRF & automation tools and Ankr Protocol’s advanced APIs and SDKs in a relatively short time since the project went public late in 2022. 

What’s next for Search For Animera? 

In Q1 2023, Search For Animera will launch its Genesis NFT Character Collection on ImmutableX - consisting of ownable in-game assets such as various characters, cosmetic enhancements and skins, ships, and more from its escapist lore and gameplay. These NFTs will carry the additional perks of  early access to the alpha and beta versions of the game, and though the game overall is free-to-play, Genesis Collection character NFT holders will have exclusive access to its Story mode gameplay.


It is now up to you to shape the fate of humanity. Will you count yourself amongst the Tsalians, or will you answer the call of the Gaian order? The Nubera galaxy awaits, and your help will be crucial in guiding your faction towards becoming the ultimate ruler of the galaxy. Muster your courage, and take the first step into the unknown.

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Company Name: Search For Animera
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