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Discover the Exciting World of the Metaverse With this New Crypto Project – Don’t Miss the Presale

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of

Interest in the metaverse is ramping up by the day. According to recent reports, more companies are diving into the virtual reality landscape, and even future market projections support this strong trend. In its latest release, McKinsey puts a $5 trillion market valuation for the mixed reality realm. 

But is this nascent sub-sector so valuable? Companies like rebranded Meta think so. The social media giant has gone full cycle and is investing significantly in building products for the new consumer landscape.

Current metaverse projects like Decentraland are worth billions of dollars in market cap, with many more projects breaking into the limelight. However, they are already well-established protocols that significantly reduce the profit ratio of investors. For investors looking for new metaverse projects that could generate considerable profit, RobotEra fits the bill.

What Is RobotEra?

RobotEra is a new metaverse project that operates in a sandbox-like manner. It is a planet-rebuilding blockchain game that requires players to help reorganize a destroyed planet. 

In the narrative, alien forces invaded the planet and were able to overcome the inhabitants. Due to the intensity of the war, the planet suffered a cataclysmic event that led to its destruction. As a result, RobotEra is the aftermath and the bailout objective to put the planet back in its natural order.

Players are represented as robots which are non fungible tokens (NFTs). This is because each robot comes with unique capacities and rare traits. This makes them different from one another, meaning some robots are far more valuable than others.

RobotEra requires robot players to acquire resources from the planet to rebuild it. They are also tasked with creating robot friends and companions, forming a community.

But this is not all about the RobotEra project. The platform also runs on a shared multiverse. Here, robot players can create, share, operate, and directly collaborate with other NFT communities. Robots can create original artworks in this shared multiverse of connected worlds, which can then be displayed in the virtual museum in the RobotEra ecosystem. 

In addition, players can acquire virtual lands, develop and allow others to lease them. In return, they earn passive income from virtual real estate while still earning from their in-game activities.

The RobotEra is still in its development stage, but it has generated a lot of buzz. It operates on the play-to-earn (P2E) principle, and players are duly rewarded for interacting with the game. The reward is paid with the in-game currency’s TARO token. Besides museum activities, players can organize events and concerts, create picnics in theme parks, and even create an entirely new experience.

Another is that this digital token can further be staked to generate even more yields for holders of the digital asset. However, this is only part of the entire utility it offers. Via the RobotEra decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the TARO asset will present its holders with the option to vote in network proposals in the near future. 

in essence, RobotEra and TARO give off the vibes of Decentraland and MANA in their early days.

TARO’s Presale Generating Buzz

TARO is not only generating buzz in its ecosystem viability but even in its presale stage. At press time, the digital asset has garnered over $639,000 in investor funds. This points to a strong investment hotbed, given that the project is less than two months in the making.

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