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Digitoads (TOADS) Presale Explodes As Investors Look For the Next Big Thing in the Crypto Market

The world of crypto is transforming at a rapid pace, with new cryptos entering the market. We have all kinds of tokens and coins as investment options, even meme coins. These meme coins initially began as a joke, but to everyone’s surprise, they soon became a sensation.

Although coins like Dogecoin have become popular, they aren’t the only ones. Even Digitoads is quickly gaining popularity and maybe the next big thing in crypto.  

Digitoads (TOADS): A look back at the best Meme Coin out there

The newest meme coin project in the market is DigiToads. The meme coin has grown in popularity in the market since its launch. TOADS has become a better coin in the market due to various offerings of the coin.

DigiToads has shown up to 30X potential for investment. The demand for coins is increasing quicker than you may think, despite the coin being in its pre-sale phase.

There’s a variety of features that the coin is now offering that have contributed to its latest growth. Some of the most features of the DigiToads include:

●        Trading school

●        Trading

●        Peer-to-peer games

●        NFT staking

●        Eco-friendly projects like tree plantation

The most exciting part of the DigiToads project is its philanthropic approach since 2.5% of the project’s earnings go to a nonprofit. The organization receiving the donations promotes tree planting. Investors can profit from this environmentally friendly initiative and help a worthy cause.

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What Makes TOADS the Go-to Option for Investors?

DigiToads extends a welcome to gamers and presents a compelling play-to-earn gaming model. It has created interest in the newer generation, becoming the main reason for its price boom. With DigiToads, gamers can compete against one another and earn TOAD tokens and rewards.

The built-in technology of DigiToads supports continuous growth, resulting in massive market demand. Each transaction using TOADS only has a 2% tax, which is not that high. However, the 2% in tax payments burn extra TOAD tokens for a higher value. The cryptocurrency price will increase due to increasing market demand and purchases of TOADS.

Another unique feature of the DigiToads coin is the competition between TOAD and TOAD. This simple initiative rewards token owners with prizes and better DigiToads’ profit management. The ones who win these DigiToads trading competitions have access to Platinum TOADS.

TOADS Initiatives: That’s not all

These winners also have access to one-twelfth of the TOADS treasury for trading in the future. The championships and tournaments occur monthly and have one of the largest monthly transaction volumes.

As per records, 12 Platinum TOADS are announced each year, making them exclusive with time. The initiative also enables trade students to improve their understanding and educate themselves.

They can do this by attending Toad School, which serves as a learning center for crypto enthusiasts. Graduates from this program become a part of DigiToads’ next DEX platform, The Trading Post, unlocking new opportunities for them. With so many offers for wins and learning, investors can take it to the next level.

Bottom Line: Will TOADS go higher?

It’s not surprising that DigiToads has surpassed expectations and is on course to rank among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market. It is one of the most unique coins offering more than just profits from investment. It allows individuals to give back to the community by saving forests and toads.

Moreover, it is also a good option from a financial POV for high returns, considering its 450% increase during the presale. Investing in TOADS today could unlock more opportunities for tomorrow. We recommend taking the time to learn about crypto today and purchasing during the pre-sale phase!

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.