23 Nov 2021 · 3 min read

Delta Exchange Introduces ‘Crypto Mania’

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

Delta Exchange, India’s top derivatives exchange, has introduced Crypto Mania - one of the exciting offers that members can claim while trading on the derivatives exchange. Under the Crypto Mania offer, a user will get 100 DETO free of cost on their first trade within the 7 days of their signup on the platform. For a user to qualify for the offer, they simply need to do any of the two below mentioned tasks:

  • Pay a USD 10 fee or trade USD 25,000 on the exchange within 7 days of the signup.
  • Applicable on deposits made by the new user in the first 7 days of registration

You can also use your cumulative deposits to avail of this offer. However, the net deposits after the launch date of the offer should be USD 200 or above at the time of claiming the reward.

The offer went live on 31st July 2021 at 10.45 am UTC.

KYC is mandatory to be eligible for the offer and will also be needed when you want to withdraw your DETO rewards issued under the offer. In order to claim the offer, the first thing you need to do is to sign-up on the exchange. Follow these simple steps to signup on the platform: 

  • Go to the Delta Exchange website.
  • Click on Offers from the options on the top left corner of the window.
  • Scroll down to find the ‘Crypto Mania’ offer and click on ‘Claim Now’.
  • Complete the signup process by filling up the details - your country of residence, email ID, and password. Voila! You already get a 10% discount on trading fees using the referral code at the signup itself!
  • Click on signup and begin trading.

Next, begin your trading journey and fulfill the terms of the Crypto Mania offer to avail the benefits under it.


Let’s answer a few FAQs before you go ahead with the offer:

#1 How will the net deposits be calculated?

Ans. The net deposits will be calculated as the difference between the total value of deposits and the total value of withdrawals at the time of claiming the offer. If you deposit USD 500 on day 1 and withdraw USD 400 on day 2, you won’t be able to claim the crypto mania offer on day 3 as your net deposits will be less than the threshold limit of USD 200. 

#2 Is the offer applicable in both spot and derivative markets?

Ans. Yes, the offer is valid in both markets.

#3 The offer is valid on the deposits in which cryptocurrencies?

Ans. The offer is applicable on deposits in BTC/ETH/USDT. 

#4 Will my DETO rewards be available immediately?

Ans. No, the DETO rewarded to you will be released linearly over 180 days. 

#5 Can the offer be claimed on both maker and taker volumes?

Ans. Yes, the offer will consider both taker and maker volumes.

#6 Is the offer applicable on internal transfer from one Delta Exchange account to the other?

Ans. No, the offer will not be valid on internal transfers within the exchange. 

How can you use your DETO Rewards?

Now that you are aware of the offer, you might be wondering what 100 DETO could bring you while you trade futures and options at Delta Exchange, isn’t it? Let’s delve a little into the ergonomics and economics associated with the native token of Delta Exchange - DETO. Head over to this page for further details regarding the tokenomics of the native coin. 

You can use DETO for paying 25% of your trading fees. For that, you would need to enable the ‘Use DETO to pay trading fees’ option in your account preferences. Besides that several other utilities also include:

  • A DETO-USDT market-making pool,
  • A DETO staking pool

About Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange, one of the best online platforms for trading cryptocurrency derivatives, brings you an innovative set of derivatives products ranging from futures, options to interest rate swaps on Bitcoin and over 70 other altcoins while offering up to 100x in leverage. The leverage offered is much higher than the 3x-5x leverage offered under margin trading. The investor has an opportunity to go both long and short while trading. Additional features such as tighter spreads and deeper order books at lower trading fees offered on the exchange make for a superior crypto trading experience.

The exchange has inbuilt enterprise-grade multi-factor security for digital assets. As an additional security step, each of the withdrawals is manually processed and reviewed. With Delta Exchange, your derivatives trading is made easy by its intuitive interface, powerful matching engines, and lighting fast APIs. The exchange gives umpteen importance to customer satisfaction and has a dedicated trader-tested support team available round the year 24*7.