This Deflationary Memecoin Does Not Use Transaction Tax – How Does It Work?

Jimmy Aki
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TAMA has deviated from the norm and will not impose a transaction tax. What does this service mean for investors, and how does it operate?

No Transaction Tax

Deflation is one of the biggest selling points for any cryptocurrency. Many digital assets have looked to emulate Bitcoin and incorporate the deflationary model. As the laws of Economics go, an asset becomes more valuable as its circulating supply decreases. 

Deflationary assets have already incorporated the transaction tax, including Luna Classic (LUNC) and Battle Infinity (IBAT). However, the developers of Tamadoge have stated they won’t follow suit.

In a tweet shared earlier this week, they explained that they would not add a transaction tax to TAMA.  

As they pointed out, the desire is for TAMA’s primary utility to come from the Tamadoge game itself, not the traders who trade the TAMA token night and day. So, all trades will be transparent, and no taxes will be imposed.

TAMA: A Meme Coin With massive Functionality 

TAMA is the native token for Tamadoge – a blockchain gaming platform requiring players to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing digital pets. The idea here is for players to buy these pets, groom them, and use them to battle those of other players. The more battles players win, the more TAMA tokens they get.

Besides playing the game, Tamadoge allows players to win by organizing competitions and initiatives where they can earn. The entire point is for players to be able to win and make returns.

After having one of the most impressive presales on the market, TAMA has now been listed on several centralized exchanges. A few weeks ago, it completed its listing on Hong Kong-based exchange With more centralized exchange listings on the way, TAMA holders will have different ways to sell their coins whenever they feel like it.

TAMA is billed to be the next top meme coin on the market. And even without a transactional tax, the asset’s developers are confident it can drive utility. 


Full Tamadoge Launch on The Way 

As explained earlier, the Tamadoge developers are working to increase the TAMA token’s utility organically. This will primarily come from the Tamadoge gaming platform, which is expected to launch soon. 

An update shared earlier this month shows that Tamadoge is almost set for its debut. The game’s developers shared more details about the project, adding that they plan to make it an ecosystem of games that can be played in different arenas. This means that players are not limited to a single arena and can select the location of their pet battles.

Updates also highlighted revamping the game’s reward structure to ensure players can find different leaderboards and opportunities to win. Additionally, the functionality of the various NFT pets in the ecosystem will be improved. 

So far, Tamadoge has been one of the most promising gaming platforms in the blockchain space this year. The platform is set for a launch, and while there has yet to be an official launch date, its developers believe it can launch before the end of the year.