10 Jun 2022 · 3 min read

Decentralized Finance, Gaming, and Cannabis: Eric Benz on CannaFarm

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

Blockchain-enabled virtual reality technology ("VR"/"AR"/"XR"), like the metaverse, is on the cusp of changing how humans interact with each other forever. What used to be the stuff of science-fiction is, unbelievably, accessible at this very moment.

Considering how smartphones revolutionized humanity’s ability to communicate with each other, virtual reality’s effect on human communication will be exponentially more impactful. With blockchain-enabled virtual reality technology, people will be able to have hyper-real experiences that feel as though they are in a location they physically are not.

Further, VR technology will also give humans access to events they never would have had access to ‘in real life’ ("IRL"); people will be able to travel the world, attend concerts & sporting events, and have experiences they have always dreamed of -- all from the comfort and safety of their own homes, or any place in the world. These virtual environments have the potential to facilitate exciting, innovative, and safe spaces for people to communicate, connect over shared interests, and learn from each other. 

As is the case with all technology, the blockchain is a tool that can be used or manipulated for different purposes, good and bad. To this point, with technology as powerful as the blockchain and virtual reality, humanity must be extra cautious when it comes to applying said technology in our everyday lives. For this reason, blockchain and virtual reality entrepreneurs must take their obligation to society and the rest of humanity seriously. Thankfully there are a handful of leaders in the space who are intent on using the power of blockchain technology and virtual reality ecosystems to realize an ethical purpose and moral vision. 

As a core contributor to CannaDAO, Eric Benz is using Blockchain-enabled technology in order to brilliantly unlock the radical power of cannabis. CannaDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization using peer-to-peer power to create a transparent ecosystem, governed by its members, in order to disrupt the cannabis, finance, blockchain, and virtual reality markets for the better. 

Benz has been a committed entrepreneur and investor in various industries over the course of his career. Benz was the CEO of Changelly and currently is a partner at MYNT.vc. With decades of experience in finance, payment technologies, and cryptocurrencies, Benz recently made the jump into the cannabis industry. Drawing on his knowledge of the blockchain, Benz believes he can help harness and disseminate the transformative power of the revolutionary cannabis plant. 

One of the most innovative ways Benz plans to unlock the life-changing and industry-changing power of cannabis is with CannaDAO's expertly crafted new game, CannaFarm.

 On the surface, the game is a DeFi (decentralized finance) experience where players use cannabis to save the world. Going beyond the metaphor for how cannabis’s various applications have the power to influence the world for the better, CannaFarm enables players to stake $SEED, CannaDAO's utility token, while they engage in the CannaFarm gamification ecosystem. This means that the more cannabis and blockchain enthusiasts that play Benz’s and CannaDAO’s new CannaFarm game, the more they can earn the native crypto. By holding $CANNA, CannaDAO’s governance token, the more they can participate in meaningful and ethical participation in cannabis companies via the DAO; Benz and the CannaDAO team are intent on using the DAO's decentralized ecosystem to facilitate access to capital to support responsible cannabis ventures, all of which have been excluded from working with major banks, among other unconscionable industry-centric barriers.

In addition to being a play-and-learn gaming protocol for NFTs, CannaDAO allows players to connect real-world land to their virtual assets in the Cannaverse.

With plans to launch in Q2 of this year CannaFarm is already making news amongst gamers, investors, as well as cannabis & blockchain enthusiasts. As the first step in Benz’s larger plan to build a “Cannaverse,” a comprehensive and official cannabis virtual reality universe, we cannot wait to see where Benz takes CannaFarm in the future.