12 Nov 2021 · 2 min read

DAOLaunch Introduces a Fresh Venture Capital Idea

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

Venture Capital, abbreviated "VC," is a fantastic way for start-ups and other businesses to raise capital and thrive. There will always be a demand, and Venture Capital can provide the appropriate solution for this problem. 

The initiative refers to the funds invested in a high-potential, high-growth organization during its early phases in exchange for equity in the company. DAOLaunch promises much more and introduces a new and unique venture finance model. The project links investors and new businesses directly on the blockchain by offering a funding solution to the ecosystem of start-ups. But that is not all. 


The platform creates an ideal atmosphere where users can quickly build and support new start-ups across all borders and engage in transparent, flexible, and fair funding rounds, regardless of whether the start-up is crypto or non-crypto.  

The project addresses the numerous challenges affecting venture capitalists and institutional investors who dominate the start-up investment market. But what distinguishes DAOLaunch from other platforms?  

DAOLaunch provides an opportunity for both new initiatives and investment.  

The start-ups may:  

  • produce tokens or NFTs;
  • a professional token sale pitch screen;
  • protect liquidity/tokenomics with a smart contract;
  • quickly set up an NFT farming pool/store for their token holders.

When it comes to investors, they have a variety of alternatives:  

  • pick featured start-ups through decentralized VC voting;
  • farm limited NFT;
  • Decentralized Venture Capital NFT (DVC-NFT)

The innovative Venture Capital implementation  

The platform brings innovation to the Venture Capital industry, which is currently dominated by venture capitalists and institutional investors. They are leveraging their capital through their network and connections, as well as their brand, allowing them to negotiate better investment terms and generate significant ROI.  

Most of these transactions take place in a closed and private setting. So, today more than ever, a democratic and practical start-up investment method is required to bring greater competitiveness and innovation to the start-up economy. The answer has also been discovered since the DAOLaunch project is here to prevent the precarious situation that individuals have previously faced.  

They are establishing a competitive atmosphere that is open and inclusive - the Decentralized Venture Capital concept. This provides preferred investment conditions based on previous investment performance recorded on the blockchain.  

The site also developed a great system known as the IBO (Initial Buy-Back Offering), a whole new concept for assisting newly founded start-ups. The platform's goal is to transform the framework of shady behind-closed-door investment negotiations into an open and competitive deal structure that takes place on the blockchain.  

Final thoughts  

DAOLaunch enhances the way the decentralized venture capital market operates by providing the opportunity and transparency that everyone requires, providing smooth and straightforward creation of new products in financial markets across all borders.  

Whether it is a crypto business or a non-crypto start-up, no coding skills are necessary to quickly generate new financial products with genuine demand. In today's world, DAOLaunch is the hand of innovation that brings faith into people's lives.