Curpay’s Artificial Intelligence Technology Protects Your Assets

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Crypto Markets are ever-shifting and extreme volatility is at the top of the list of concerns. Solution: CurPay, a technology company devoted to providing value to people in the cryptoverse using mature AI technologies.

CurPay’s flagship “Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)™ ” is a patent-pending technology whose primary objective is keeping your assets safe from volatility. Not only does Curpay provide 24/7 protection from market volatility, it also takes advantage of the volatility to allow your assets to flow with the market to make profit. CurPay has been designed with all users in mind, and this technology is accessible through an easy-to-use site with clear instructions. Most importantly, CurPay is API driven; your money never leaves your possession from the connected exchange.

Make no mistake. AVP is not a bot. This impressive tech is a sophisticated AI trading assistant.


As “the world’s most advanced but simple to use Artificial Intelligence trading software,” AVP’s technology has a deep history. Its powerful science was once rooted in software for player matching for video game wagering in the early 2000s. It has evolved over the years, entering the early days of crypto. Now it has emerged as one of the future’s most promising technologies. AVP is looking to provide a new way to secure cryptocurrency assets, even with their volatility, while creating opportunities for profit.

Over the years complex self-learning mechanisms have been at the heart of AI. We have all heard of AI in one way or another. For example, you may have heard about strong AI technology defeating world champions at board games and esports. Games aren’t the only arena that artificial intelligence has revolutionized. AI has allowed for breakthroughs in vaccine development, automated driving and quantum computing.

Artificial Intelligence has the innate ability to learn from each and every trade and only gets better as its life cycle continues.”

You can find a great example of this in chess. AlphaZero taught itself chess and wiped the floor against the strongest supercomputers. Rather than just raw calculations that supercomputers do, Artificial Intelligence is able to learn from simulations, self-altering to meet the needs of the problem. The technology is incredible and will only further the development of the trading space as it has already done in multiple fields.


Bots, currently an industry standard, by contrast can’t recognize successive losses from bad trades, can’t adapt, and only use a fixed set of rules and algorithms. That is why they are limited to select cryptocurrencies. Bots suffer from a wide variety of other problems that stem from having to have human interaction in the way of programming. AVP AI technology benefits from each and every experience to yield better results and is far more adaptable than bots. This allows it to handle any trading pair.

AVP’s automated technology provides flexibility for both B2C and B2B:

  • B2C – AVP Learning Ability, Handling of Mass Data, Non Emotional Trades, Effective in managing Volatility, Advanced Trading Strategies, and Correction Protection, just to name a few. AVP gives you more control and trading features than trading on an exchange alone.
  • B2B – Custom business solutions for Merchants, Exchanges, Miners, Banks and Institutional Investors. AVP has endless solutions to meet your needs, allowing you to manage and protect your crypto assets.

CurPay AVP’s technology provides the following:

  1. Automated Volatility Protection – Trades cryptocurrency to fiat or stablecoin of the users choice on the connected exchange to protect your assets.
  2. Money Management Strategies – Multiple strategies from buying, selling, accumulating, or holding. CurPay has a strategy to fit your risk tolerance and help you meet your goals.
  3. Manual Trade with AI – Trade alongside AVP or let AVP do all the work. Choose to have AVP take over your manual trades or not.
  4. Trading Indicators – VWAP, RSI, EMAs, and Bollinger bands. See trading triggers and decisions the AI is making in real time.
  5. Easy-to-use Exchange Setup – With clear tutorials, CurPay easily sets up with a multitude of exchanges. You can set up in minutes.
  6. Flexibility and Execution – AVP gives you so many options to customize your trade settings, and trades get executed on the exchange almost instantly. This gives every user the same software power as the big financial institutions.

We are only touching the surface of what CurPay’s ability is and the control it allows you in any of the above use cases.

Customer service and improving the product is CurPay’s top priority. CurPay is an agile team who are determined to move fast and drive the adoption of cryptocurrency across the world.

If you want a new way to protect your assets and get a taste of the power of AI, then CurPay is definitely an application to try out.

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