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CryptX Adds Support for 10 New ERC-20 Tokens

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CryptX, the easy and secure operational wallet choice of crypto ATMs and crypto commerce companies, has added support for several new ERC-20 coins, bringing the total number of supported cryptocurrencies to 108. The latest coins to be added are CGT, WBTC, BUSD, UNI, UMA, COMP, AAVE, CEL, MTL, and MOC.

CryptX CTO Irakli Khidesheli noted, “ERC-20 tokens are one of the most important parts of our system, and the decentralized applications based on them today have played a leading role in the current positive shifts in the crypto world. It is noteworthy that these special-use tokens are becoming more and more popular. Among them are some of the popular cryptocurrency ERC-20 analogues, such as Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). Of course, these new tokens and applications further enhance the importance of ERC-20 and Ethereum blockchain as a whole. CryptX is constantly working to support new popular tokens and thus help both our clients and blockchain startups improve their business.”

CryptX enables smart digital asset management with low transaction fees for businesses that accept multiple cryptocurrencies. Using its Auto Swap feature, customers can manage their liquidity by quickly moving more volatile cryptocurrencies into stablecoins according to their preferred limits.