CryptoQuant on Bitcoin Hitting Its Local Low; AI Altcoin Presale Celebrates Notable Milestone

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A recent report published by CryptoQuant revealed its analysts expect Bitcoin (BTC) prices to break the $50,000 resistance level now that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has greenlighted eleven exchange-traded funds that meet its ETF acceptance criteria.

However, the report also warns investors thinking about investing in BTC ETFs, or those who want to purchase the top crypto coin directly, that prices could drop some more before pushing for $50k and more. Some projections have BTC prices growing by as much as 400%.

Despite the exponential growth BTC is expected to enjoy in 2024, InQubeta (QUBE) is expected to enjoy more growth this year. The new DeFi project outperformed BTC in 2023, giving its backers 220% gains, while BTC investors only enjoyed about 160% returns.

InQubeta seeks to make AI investments more accessible than they’ve ever been by providing an alternative to mainstream channels.

InQubeta (QUBE) is dubbed the best new cryptocurrency to invest in as presale soars past the $8.6 million milestone

InQubeta is already shaking up the cryptocurrency space as it emerges as one of the top ICOs. The solution it provides by making AI investments more accessible sets it up for considerable growth in the coming years. The viability of AI has grown exponentially in the last decade, leading to an inflow of investment capital. More than $120 billion is currently invested in artificial intelligence today and total investments in the industry are projected to soar past the $1.5 trillion mark by 2030.

InQubeta opening up AI investments with its decentralized platform gives people who previously didn’t have access to traditional investing mediums a way to invest in the technology. Investing in AI today is like investing in companies like Netflix at the onset of the internet revolution. Those who backed firms that ended up being major players in the streaming space have earned tremendous profits and people who invest in AI put themselves in a similar position. Here’s how InQubeta’s decentralized finance ecosystem operates:

  • AI startups must be cleared by InQubeta’s team to earn access to its NFT marketplace where these firms can make equity or reward-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • These ERC20 coins symbolize investment opportunities and rewards that are guaranteed by smart contracts. NFTs are split into numerous pieces, making them more affordable, before being added to the ERC 20 token list
  • Investors can back any firms they believe have potential by buying their ERC20 coins with QUBE. These people can also choose to invest in InQubeta directly by holding or staking QUBE. QUBE prices are expected to rise as much as 10,000% once launched on exchanges

CryptoQuant warns about BTC prices possibly crashing before surging

CryptoQuant’s recent BTC price prediction that prices might bottom out before surging past $50,000 is based on factors like user activity, transaction volume, and market capitalization. The report referenced the BTC bull-bear cycle indicator which indicated BTC is currently in an overheated bull phase, which historically has led to considerable price corrections.

CryptoQuant also notes that BTC’s supply in profit is over 88% at its present price of around $42,600, meaning the vast majority of holders could sell for profits right now. Even a fraction of these holders selling their bags would have a considerable impact on prices. Investors who are considering investing in BTC should be cautious about a short-term correction occurring in the coming weeks before prices surge upward.


QUBE and BTC are two of the best coins to invest in right now. BTC prices will likely dip before surging upward, while QUBE prices could grow as much as 100x before the year ends.

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