23 Sep 2021 · 3 min read

CryptoGames, The First Crypto-oriented Online Casino to Support Solana

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CryptoGames has always been fervent gamblers’ first choice when it comes to advanced gambling. With modern concept and thoughtful service, the casino has topped the market ever since its birth. As of now, the casino has successfully offered an attractive array of 9 crypto oriented casino games that can be played using 9 up to the date cryptocurrencies. These device-friendly games come with appealing outlooks and effective guidelines that make the overall gambling experience as hot as it can be. The casino is also popular for adding the newest updates to support the needs of both the incoming and existing players. One of their most recent updates includes the introduction of a brand-new Cryptocurrency called Solana. Read along to know more about the hottest attraction of the time!

Origin of Solana:

The origin of the cryptocurrency can be traced back to the time of ICO boom. The idea of Solana was first put out into the online world back in 2017 when Anatoly Yakovenko had published a whitepaper draft in 2017. The team behind the creation of Solana included veterans Greg Fitzgerald and Stephen Akridge from Qualcomm. It is mentioned that the team of founders also included engineers from Apple.

About Solana:

In 2020, Solana came in the spotlight when it was launched by the Solana Foundation. The currency holds every potential to solve all the weaknesses of Ethereum, which is why at current times, Solana is known as the “Ethereum Killer”. The currency comes with an amazing ability to scale and reduce the costs of transacting. Since one of the weaknesses of Ethereum was its high transaction costs, Solana has come to the rescue of many troubled gamblers and cryptocurrency users around the globe. It has successfully solved every issue of the aforementioned currency with its new system of cryptographic time stamping known as Proof of History (PoH).

Learn why CryptoGames has Chosen Solana:

Solana has been tackling the limitations of other cryptocurrencies by forming an efficient network that scales the necessary components without added complexity. The scalable network defeats any kind of jeopardizing factors and promotes high security and thoroughly high network decentralization. It also guarantees one of the fastest transaction rates in the market.

Solana offers a system that supports Cryptographic timestamping. The cryptocurrency displays the ability to guarantee a high amount of transaction numbers (estimated to be over 50,000) across a network of 200 nodes successfully. This technically puts the throughput rate of Ethereum at the bottom of the list. Solana also became the talk of the defi market space by becoming a blockchain that does not compromise the quality of UX, latency or its ability to compose at any cost.

Since the cryptocurrency uses a modern Cloudbreak feature, Solana gains the ability to concurrently accesses and interprets any data while keeping the old data in hand for backup making it highly scalable. Which means that Solana is much likely to provide lesser block times while processing any request. As a result of this reduced time frame for block data, the confirmation latency on the network also lessens.

How to Play with Solana in CryptoGames:

As we have mentioned above, CryptoGames is an online casino that features a great range of casino games that must be played using Cryptocurrencies.  Meaning all the deposits must be made using crypto currencies. Players can use Solana to make a deposit and instantly start playing the following games Dice, Dice 2.0, Roulette, Slot, Video Poker, Plinko, Blackjack, and Minesweeper.

In case you don’t own Solana but want to try it out, you can exchange your bitcoin or any one of the supported crypto currencies to Solana by using the built-in exchange feature that CryptoGames offer.

Let Solana become your new way of Catching the Winning Spirit!

The addition of Solana has now enabled the users of CryptoGames to explore the world of online gambling with the assistance of a rising cryptocurrency. From a look at all the promising components the crypto coin has displayed, our minds have already been blown. So, CryptoGames are definitely on their way of making the best use of Solana. If you haven’t, join CryptoGames today.

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