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Crypto YouTube Influencers Like Joe Parys Bullish on Wall Street Memes – Next Coin to Explode?

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 3 min read

A brand-new meme coin that will soon be launched by one of retail investing’s most influential communities Wall Street Memes is getting backing from big-name crypto YouTube influencers like Joe Parys.

Wall Street Memes, which has over 1 million engaged followers across its various social media accounts, has been conducting a viral presale of its $WSM meme coin.

Wall Street Memes has now raised a stunning more than $22 million via $WSM sales.

Joe Parys thinks that $WSM has a lot of potential thanks to the fact that Wall Street Memes already has a huge base of supporters, and thanks to the exciting $50,000 $WSM airdrop competition the community is running.

Parys has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

And Parys isn’t the only influencer with massive reach to be promoting $WSM.

Michael Wrubel is also massively bullish on the coin, having made multiple videos encouraging his subscribers to get invested over the last few months.

Wrubel also has more than 300,000 subscribers.

Other popular influencers like CryptoWendyO, Crypto Dose and Jacob Crypto Bury are further big names that also support $WSM.

Visit Wall Street Memes Here

Crypto Whales Pile Into $WSM

Wall Street Memes hasn’t just won support from major crypto influencers.

It also appears to be winning support from some of the industry’s biggest whales, who are the real market movers.

Just last week, a whale invested 460 ETH into the Wall Street Memes $WSM token presale, worth over $850,000 at the time.

With big whales getting involved, Wall Street Memes presale will likely end sooner than expected.

Investors who don’t want to get left behind by one of 2023’s hottest meme coin launches need to move quickly to secure their spot, with some analysts predicting that $WSM could become the next Dogecoin, Shiba Inu or Pepe Coin.

Wall Street Memes is best known for being “the king of stonks”, but it fast becoming the king of meme coins. Don’t miss out.

Learn More About Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes – A Community First Meme Coin

Wall Street Memes was born out of the movement in 2021 where the little investors teamed up to rebel against Wall Street.

While ultimately failing to topple the hegemony of major wall street behemoths, retail investors were able to force the closure of major hedge fund Melvin Capital via forcing up the price of heavily shorted stocks like GameStop.

In fitting with its focus on empowering the little guy, 100% of the $WSM token supply is being dedicated to the Wall Street Memes community – there is no behind-the-scenes private sale and no team allocation largesse.

That means Wall Street Memes is one of this year’s fairest presales.  

50% of the token supply is available in the presale, the raise for which and will be allocated to high-level marketing efforts; 30% as community rewards; 10% for CEX liquidity and 10% for DEX liquidity.

With 30% of the supply allocated to community rewards, it can reasonably be expected that airdrops to holders will be a big part of the ecosystem.

In fact, Wall Street Memes is already running a competition where five lucky degens will benefit from a generous $50,000 $WSM airdrop.

Investors who have already purchased $WSM only need to follow the steps detailed on the meme project’s website here to become eligible for the airdrop.

$1 Billion Market Cap?

The success of any meme coin relies on the power of its community and social media presence.

Given that Wall Street Memes already has a strong and engaged community around its project, $WSM already has all of the key ingredients for meme coin success.

Wall Street Memes has stated its goal of reaching a market cap of $1 billion, which it hopes to achieve through a combination of big partnerships, top-tier CEX listings and awareness campaigns.

Investors wanting to get in ahead of big potential future price rises should think about getting in on the meme coin’s presale as soon as possible in order to secure their $WSM at the best possible discount.

$WSM can be bought on both the Ethereum blockchain and BNB Smart Chain using ETH, BNB or USDT (ERC-20 or BEP-20).

All users need to do is connect their crypto wallet on the website to make their purchase. 

Buy Wall Street Memes Here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.