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Crypto Winter: BNB Whales Find Refuge in InQubeta 300% Growth ICO

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

The crypto industry is known for its constant growth and introduction of useful innovations. Binance Coin (BNB) is a leading cryptocurrency that leverages a decentralized model to thrive in the crypto market.

However, in the recent crypto nuclear winter, BNB whales have migrated from the popular Binance exchange because of its SEC and CFTC lawsuits, resulting in a significant price decline for the BNB token.

While Binance Coin tackles its lawsuits, BNB whales find refuge in a new revolutionary cryptocurrency known as InQubeta (QUBE)

InQubeta is combining the power of blockchain technology with AI innovation and NFT applications to establish a diverse ecosystem and propel the growth of its live presale. 

The rewarding opportunities, financial freedom, and best DeFi approach that the InQubeta project offers guarantee investors over 300% profit.

InQubeta (QUBE) Successful Presale Attracts BNB Whales

The ongoing InQubeta presale is prospering in the DeFi market, amassing new investors and crypto whales for leading cryptocurrencies. 

InQubeta has shocked crypto analysts by raising more than $400,000 and selling over 62 million QUBE tokens in its beta stage.

Now in its first stage, each QUBE token is valued at $0.00875 – the value will then rise to $0.02800 by the last stage before it reaches a launch price of $0.0308.

InQubeta uses its deflationary QUBE token to execute transactions and offer rewards to its investors.

Holders of the QUBE token can trade top NFTs and participate in InQubeta’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

InQubeta is a channel through which AI startups raise funds by connecting with investors. AI startups offer rewards to their investors in the form of equity-based NFTs. 

InQubeta also highlights an NFT marketplace where AI startups display top NFTs that NFT traders can purchase.

The InQubeta presale is attracting BNB whales to its progressive roadmap. The whales are heavily investing in the QUBE token as they anticipate the major milestones that the project will achieve soon.

According to the roadmap, the InQubeta team plans to enhance the platform’s interface, expand the community, and improve the QUBE token’s worth by introducing the best DeFi features.

Interested investors can participate in the live presale by following the prompts on the official InQubeta website and exchanging any top cryptocurrency of their choice for the QUBE token. 

The investment process is user-friendly to accommodate beginners and experienced investors. Every InQubeta investor can enjoy massive returns on their investments with a minimum of $50.


Several Lawsuits plague Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance is recognized as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the DeFi market that houses blockchain-based networks. 

The Binance platform utilizes the BNB coin to offer simplified means for crypto users to trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in exchange for low fees. 

Amidst the crypto nuclear winter, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused the Binance company of operating a deceptive exchange platform. 

The US SEC charged Binance Coin with 13 offenses. Coupled with the SEC case, Binance Coin faces a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) lawsuit.

The news of these cases caused an accelerated outflow of funds from the Binance platform, as more than $300 million worth of BNB investments were withdrawn from the exchange network within a day.

BNB whales are hesitant to keep their hopes high for the token, considering the instability of the crypto market in the recent nuclear winter. 

Professional price analysts noted that BNB trading volumes might drop further until the Binance platform is cleared of all charges.


Final Thoughts

The InQubeta presale continues to record a daily increase in demand for QUBE tokens by investors eager to secure substantial returns of over 300%. 

As BNB whales find refuge in QUBE and migrate to its diverse ecosystem, early participants benefit from the QUBE token’s discounted price during the presale stages. 

Unlike Binance Coin, which is facing several charges, the unique features and high-profit potential of the InQubeta project are making it succeed, regardless of the current nuclear winter in the crypto space.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.